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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sour Jacks Holiday Dessert Challenge‏ #challenge #holidays

It is that time of year again. Christmas is in just a few days. Wow hope all you are ready because I know I am not but I am trying to get everything done. The kids are off school and we are starting our holiday baking and making all the fun treats. So today we made our annual gingerbread houses and they turned out so adorable.
We got some of our favorite candies, Sour Jacks, to use in a holiday treat and we thought they would be perfect for our gingerbread house decorations. We got graham crackers, icing, and a variety of candy, sprinkles and went to work making our houses. About a hour or so later we each had some adorable, fun and unique houses. This has become a tradition in our house. Do you have any traditions? Have you done gingerbread houses? We would love to see how your guys houses turned out!
Another treat we love making with the Sour Jacks is a bark. We take a cookie pan line it with wax paper. Then we spread some of the yummy sour jacks in all different flavors around the pan. Next we take pretzel sticks and break them up some and sprinkle it around on the pan. When that is done we take a package of chocolate any variety you like and melt it in microwave for about 3 minutes. Then we pour the melted chocolate over the pretzels and sour jacks. We then set it in the refrigerator to cool. Once it is hardened we take it out and break it into pieces and serve. YUM!
So what is some great holiday recipes you make? We would love for you to share them with us. Also don't forget to share your gingerbread house pictures as well. We can't wait to see what you all made. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Cheers!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sour Jacks, wants to treat you with a tricky challenge #SourJacks #Challenge

We love baking this time of year. My kids love helping and making their own spin on our fun treats. So when we got asked to use Sour Jacks and make a fun Halloween treat we couldn't wait to try them out.

We decided to make cupcakes and decorate them using the sour jacks. We had monsters, mario bros. cupcakes and more. My kids had a blast using these to make their special Halloween treats. Best part was eating the Sour Jacks afterwards. They were yummy and had four different flavors, Watermelon, berry, lemonade, and apple. The Watermelon were my favorite!

So pick up some Sour Jacks today and see what fun creations you can make with them or just eat them because they are so yummy. They are sold at most stores like Walmart and Target, Walgreens and etc. They will definitely make your day tastier!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Maker Studios Gears set review

If You are looking for Christmas gifts your kids will love and you will love as well then I got some suggestions for you. My kids love build stuff. I love watching them build stuff. Their imaginations go wild making their new creation and I love it! So when I got the chance to try out a couple building sets from Maker Studios I couldn't wait.

So what is Maker Studios? Maker Studio™ inspires imagination and a love for engineering. In this set featuring gears, you’ll be able to build a racecar, a cable car, a 3-wheeler and a motorcycle. For each build you’re given Engineering Challenges – experiment with friction, torque and propulsion as you engineer your solutions. Once you’ve mastered all four builds, get creative and design something that’s all your own!

Me and my kids loved this set and were able, with my help, to build a racecar and 3 wheeler.  It comes with easy to follow instructions and you can use household items to make all this fun things. My kids have told me and put on their list they want more of these sets. We got the gears set and I also got the Propellers set as well.You will have fun knowing your kids are using their imagination and creating something. It is a great learning experience and would be great as a Christmas gift, Birthday gifts or a just because I love you gift. So check out these awesome sets today. You will be glad you did!

I got these sets for free for giving my honest opinion and review. I didn't receive any other compensation! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wholesale Halloween Costumes #review #halloween Halloween 2015

Are you still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Are your kids keep changing their mind on what they want? My issue was I couldn't find a costume my daughter wants for a great price and in her size. Then I found Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They had a huge variety of costumes for a affordable price. They even have the latest craze of costumes so you are bound to find something for everyone!

I got a cute little Indian costume for my 11 year old. She has been wanted this costume and everywhere we looked didn't have her size or didn't have a nice quality looking costume for a good price. I have 6 kids so I can't afford 30 to 40 dollars or more per costume. I was lucky to find this adorable Indian costume for such a great price and it was so pretty. It was very quality made. It wasn't one of those cheap looking costumes. This one can be worn for many years to come with each of my younger kids and I know it will hold up. My daughter will look adorable in it. This costume came with the dress, the pouch, and the headband. The fabric was such a soft leather like material and it will keep her pretty warm. We love it!

So if your looking for a quality and affordable costume you have to head over to Wholesale Halloween Costumes and check out their amazing selection. You will be glad you did and it will save you tons of money and time. They ship fast and you are guaranteed to love it! Check them out today!

I got this costume free for my honest review! I received no other compensation!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Post update on the #GETMESSYGETCLEAN family event #madetomatter

So I posted a little bit ago about the #GETMESSYGETCLEAN family event at Thanksgiving point. It was a free event that had tons of fun earth friendly and organic activities and products. It was so much fun on a beautiful Utah day. If you made it I am sure you and your kids had a blast and if you missed it you really did miss out on a awesome event.
So why was it so much fun you ask? Well when me and my girls showed up we got front row parking. Then we walked in and got a amazing reusable bag to carry all our samples of amazing products. We first decided to paint some cute flower pots. We got the pots, some stickers, some plastic toys to decorate it, and some organic soil and seeds. My kids chose popcorn seeds, pepper seeds, cucumber seeds, and squash seeds. So now we got some awesome organic veggies growing.
After that my girls enjoyed the bounce houses and playing with bubbles. They got to see some fun and cute animals like dogs, kittens, parrot, turtle and more dogs. We definitely got messy and had to clean up at the cleaning stations around the festival with some amazing smelling hand soap by Mrs. Meyers. We also colored fun pictures and tried some yummy samples from Annie's , Justin's, Kind and Yes to. My girls had so much fun. there were all kids of yummy food trucks there as well. It really was a blast and we learned about some fun activities we can enjoy outside getting messy and safe ways to get clean without hurting our Earth and ourselves. I hope you guys got to go and check it out!