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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Royal Engagement by Chance Carter #review #book

Chance has to be one of my favorite authors. His stories has tons of hot romance but they also have wonderful, enticing and addicting storylines. This makes a huge difference to me because there is only so much sex scenes I can read before your like okay wheres the story, connection, and the need come from. Chance gives you all that and more. His newest book a Royal Engagement was amazingly good. I don't no how he does it but he writes us a new amazing book almost every month. He is just that good I guess.

Royal Engagement starts off with a beautiful actress, Tamara, who plays in a TV series called Princess of Nowhere. She is in this country to film this season of her show. She's at a party with her sister who came to stay with her for a bit to get her self together. This party is a masked party and it sounds so fun. She meets this guy who decides they will role play tonight and be husband and wife and neither will no each others real name. Hense the problem at the end of the night after they hit it off and end up having the best sex of their lives.  When they finish Prince Alex's mask falls off and Tamara sees who it is and freaks out and rushes to leave, leaving Alex stunned and wishing he got her name or phone number.

Tamara stunned that she just slepted with the prince and she knows she doesn't need that kind of publicity in her life with the last publicity she got when she broke up with her jerk of a ex-boyfriend who is now working with her in the show. Tamara is a sweet American girl who loves acting and loves her family but hates to be in the spotlight with reporters. She can't get her mind off the prince though and she definitely can dream of more with him.

Alex is a prince with a reputable background of being a playboy. He has never found anyone to change his mind on never getting married He wants to have fun and he doesn't want to deal with his royal responsibilities. Tamara has changed all that and he can't get his mind off her. He wants more of her, he needs more of her, and she could be the one that changes him for the better.

This story has so much romance and fun and humor I just loved it! It makes you want a prince for yourself if they were all like Alex. Chance did an amazing job of bringing these characters to life and making me feel like I was in the story. I can see this being a series too. Id like to see the story of Tamara's sister and Triston as well as the story of Alex's sister Victoria . There are definitely some budding stories there. So if you want a awesome story pick this one up today and you will be glad you did.  Royal Engagement on Amazon

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bad Boys After Dark: Brett #review #book #giveaway

If you haven’t heard of Melissa Foster and awesome books then I don’t know where you’ve been. I have absolutely loved each and every one of her books. I have been following along with the Bad brothers for a while now and I couldn’t wait to read Brett Bad’s story.

Brett and Sophie met a while ago at Brett’s brothers wedding and had instant attraction but they were completely opposites in what they wanted in life so they never hooked up but not for the lack of Brett trying.

Sophie is a good girl who works for Brett’s brother. She has grown up seeing how awesome love is and that’s what she desires. She wants a forever kiss and babies. She’s not a one night stand kind of person like Brett but she just can’t get him out of her mind or fantasies.

Brett has went through a lot losing his sister at a young age. He has lost faith in family and marriage and especially love and commitment. He is a control freak, gym junky, live life each day with no plans for the future which is total opposite of Sophie. He can’t stop thinking of her though and he can’t stop wanting her for one night to get her out of his system.

Their story is sweet and full of amazing love making. Them thinking they could get enough of each other in one night is crazy and they learn that quick. They changed each other for the better. They are each other’s ying and yang. Such a great story with a amazing ending! I can’t wait to read the next book! I definitely recommend this book for any one who loves romance books.

Bad Boys After Dark: Brett (Bad Billionaires After Dark Book 4) by [Foster, Melissa] NEW RELEASE........
Bad Boys After Dark: Brett
(Bad Billionaires After Dark)

Bad Billionaires After Dark are a series of stand-alone hot and sexy romances. 

Indulge your inner vixen...

Meet the Bad Boys... Four fiercely loyal, sinfully sexy, uber alpha brothers, about to fall head over heels for their leading ladies.

Everything's naughtier after dark...
Billionaire security expert Brett Bad has had his eye on his brother’s gorgeous legal assistant, Sophie Roberts, for years. He wants nothing more from her than a single night between the sheets to satisfy his desires. But Sophie is a white-picket-fence girl, and she’s turned him down more times than he cares to count. 

Sophie is all about forever kisses and happily ever afters. But she can’t deny her attraction to Brett, as enticed by his bad-boy behavior as she is by his devastating looks and his painful past, which she’d like to help heal. 

When Sophie’s friend urges her to throw caution to the wind, Sophie leaves the door to her heart ajar—and Brett charges in. But this Bad boy doesn’t know a thing about romance and has no interest in forever, forcing Sophie to make her toughest decision yet—follow her heart or protect it? 

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

"If you're interested in books with super-hot alpha males, ridiculously sexy heroines and need-to-take-a-cold-shower love scenes, this is the series for you!" - M. Engel, Book Mama Blog

"​With her wonderful characters and resonating emotions, Melissa Foster is a must-read author!" -NYT Bestseller Julie Kenner​

"Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!" -NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely​


Available to buy from ...

melissa newsletter

More Bad Boys.....
Bad Boys After Dark: Mick (Bad Billionaires After Dark #1)

"Ultimate Pleasure, that's how I would describe this book. Oh my!!  Be prepared to have your breath taken away."  - Beck Valley Books

"I loved every bit of this read, there were so many emotions and turmoil that just kept you turning the pages, it really was an emotional roller coaster of a ride." - Irish Daisy Loves Romance

"Foster has done it again with not only steamy hot sex scenes but deeply loving emotional attachments, also." - Nicki's Nook

"Mick" is a USA Today bestseller. 

Indulge your inner vixen with these sexy billionaires!

Meet the Bad Boys... Four fiercely loyal, sinfully sexy, uber alpha brothers, about to fall head over heels for their leading ladies.

Everything's naughtier after dark... 
Amanda Jenner is done being a boring-man magnet and has finally taken control of her love life. As any smart paralegal would, she's researched the hell out of how to seduce a man. She's waxed, primped, and ready to put her newfound skills into action--and a masquerade bar crawl is the perfect venue for her solo coming-out party.

Entertainment attorney Mick Bad lives by two hard and fast rules. He never mixes business with pleasure, and he doesn't do relationships, which makes the anonymity of a masquerade bar crawl the perfect place for a onetime hookup.

Amanda thinks she's hit the jackpot when she bags a tall, dark, and sinfully delicious masked man--until she discovers the man she's made out with is her off-limits boss. Mick's already crossed a line he can never uncross, and one taste of sweet and sexy Amanda has only whet his appetite. When Mick offers to give Amanda a lesson in seduction--no strings, no regrets, and for goodness' sake, come Monday, no quitting--the tables turn, and Mick's totally unprepared for the lessons this sweet temptress provides.

The Bad Boys are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

Available to buy from ...

Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan (Bad Billionaires After Dark #2)

"Another brilliant sexy and romantic romance created by this adorable author. For those who love romantic and passionate stories is a book not to be missed." - LibriAmoriMiei  

"Dylan can be described in two words. Wickedly good." - I Love Romance

"Steam-filled pages and a sassy heroine make Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan a must read for those winter nights." - Recommended Romance

Indulge your inner vixen...

Meet the Bad Boys... Four fiercely loyal, sinfully sexy, uber alpha brothers, about to fall head over heels for their leading ladies.

Everything's naughtier after dark...
Sinfully sexy bar owner Dylan Bad has a thing for needy women. He's a savior, a knight in shining armor, and his mighty talented sword has no trouble bringing damsels in distress to their knees. Enter Tiffany Winters, a gorgeous cutthroat sports agent who looks like sex on legs, f**ks like she's passion personified, and wouldn't let a man help her if she were dangling from a ledge and he was her only hope. One night and too much tequila might change their lives forever. The question is, will either one survive?

The Bad Boys are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

Available to buy from ...

Bad Boys After Dark: Carson (Bad Billionaires After Dark #3)

"Carson got me from the very first page with 'his rich cocoa eyes', from then it just got better and better! The electricity between Carson and Tawny simply burnt through the pages as I read, stunning." - Beck Valley Books

"Carson and Tawny is a SMOKING HOT couple. Oh my, they got it going for them, and Mrs. Foster does the hot steamy sex so so good. Once again I found myself in the safe arms of Melissa Foster, and once again I close the book with a satisfied sigh." - Miss Betty Book Reviews

"Carson is like a good steak, or a big peace of chocolate cake. One bite (or for me, one paragraph read) and I'm hooked. I couldn't put the book down, didn't want to put the book down, and in fact, I DIDN'T put the book down from word 1 until the very last word in Carson's story. This book was phenominal." - Cali Book Reviews

"Carson" is a USA Today bestseller. 

Indulge your inner vixen...

Meet the Bad Boys... Four fiercely loyal, sinfully sexy, uber alpha brothers, about to fall head over heels for their leading ladies.

Second chances really do exist...

As the founder of a multimillion-dollar international security business, Carson Bad exposes secrets for a living. He knows better than to forge relationships built on them. But for years he did just that with his best friend, and secret lover, Tawny Bishop. 

She brought a sense of calm and understanding to his life—in and out of the bedroom. Until one fateful night when a knock at the door changed everything. Tawny is no longer a naive college student. She’s a sought-after perfumer living in Paris. She has plenty of resources at her fingertips, and lots of lonely nights to think about the only man she’s ever loved—the one she ran away from all those years ago. She needs to move forward with her life, but how can she when Carson still owns her heart

Maybe showing up in the middle of the night unannounced isn’t the best route to unraveling the past and figuring out her future, but Tawny has played it safe for ten long years, and it's only made her long for the man she never should have walked away from. Now she's back in Carson’s life, and he’s determined not to make the same mistake twice. If only he knew what that mistake was…

The Bad Boys are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

Available to buy from ...

More After Dark books available now...

About the author
Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance and women's fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Readers adore Melissa's fun, flirty, and sinfully sexy, award-winning big-family romance collection, LOVE IN BLOOM featuring the Snow Sisters, Bradens, Remingtons, Ryders, Seaside Summer, Harborside Nights, Wild Boys and Bad Boys After Dark, and the Montgomerys. Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented-- perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about loyal, wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines with complex and relatable issues.

Melissa also writes sweet and clean romance under the pen name Addison Cole.

Melissa has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Her interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping others see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Melissa is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes comments and emails from her readers. Visit Melissa on Facebook or her personal website.

Never miss a brand new release, special promotions or inside gossip again by simply signing up to receive your newsletter from Melissa. 

Find Melissa on the following sites....

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fitness watch #review

This is a great fitness tracker. It tracks steps, calorie burned, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring for light and deep sleeps and wake ups and so much more. You do have to download an app onto your phone but they have it for the android and the apple store. You must turn the bluetooth on your phone on to keep track of everything and to keep the time right on the watch. It comes in different colors and i got mine in a a pretty blue which I love. It is comfortable and has a sleek design. Works pretty well and accurately. It really helps you up your exercise game and keep you on the right track for health. I like that it tracks and monitors your heart rate and blood pressure which is great for someone like my son that has high blood pressure so he can show it to his doctor and she can see the records. It automatically scans you every hour so you have a great record of everything. It is a great price as well. I mean rally you can beat this deal for such a awesome watch. Get yours today https://www.amazon.com/Activity-Trackers-Waterproof-Bracelet-Pedometer/dp/B074K4G9ZH/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1520955397&sr=8-13&keywords=kkcite !
 #review #sponsored#rankboosterreview #kkcite 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Fruit Squishies #review #squishy

My kids love squishies. The slower the rise the better apparently. So for Easter I figured these would make awesome basket stuffers. I comes with 5 fruit squishies; apple, banana, strawberry, orange, and peach. They are slow rise and are so fun to squish and watch rise. They make great gifts and the kids love them. The best part is they make for great wrist exercise and great stress relievers as well. They are also scented too which makes them extra fun. These are great for all ages from kids to adults. So get yours today https://www.amazon.com/Rising-Squishies-Scented-Squishy-Squeeze/dp/B079J62JW7 ! #rankboosterreview #sponsored #gotitdiscounted #IdealBestBuy 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

First time lucky by Chance Carter #review #book

Chance Carter is such an amazing writer and I’ve loved every one of his books. If you haven’t read any yet you are seriously missing out. I couldn’t wait for First time lucky to come out and now I’m so happy it is here finally!

Shane and Dallas’ story is a sweet high school love story! Shane is this shy guy that is totally hot and a talented football player in school. He has had eyes for Dallas forever but was so afraid his financial status would play against him. 

Dallas is a sweet caring girl that just hangs out with the wrong crowd. Her friends are jerks and by the end you want to beat everyone of them up for not helping her but hurting her instead. She totally has the hots for Shane but never lets him know.

Unfortunately their story has some twists and turns that make this story interesting and I couldn’t put it down. Eventually they all get what they deserve but I was worried for a while. This is such a great book and storyline that I know you will absolutely love it. The sex scenes are hot and the romance is sweet! I definitely recommend this book for any one who loves romance books! Get it today!