Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tc and Company Review

Tc & Company sent me some awesome Black Vanilla Orchid hand and body lotion, pineapple cake Shea butter & soy lotion, and Sweet Essence Shea & soy body butter. I have to say it is a great company with great products.

The Black Vanilla Orchard hand and body lotion has to be my ultimate favorite smell and the lotion made my rough cracked hand so soft and smooth. They felt like silk. I love it!!! I couldn't stop feeling and smelling my hands lol! I love Vanilla anything and to have a great smell and a lotion that works miracles that is the best combination.

The Pineapple Cake Shea Butter & Soy lotion is also wonderful. It actually smells like a pineapple chap stick haha. Its not a bad smell I promise it is really good smell. The Shea butter gives it that almost cocoa butter smell too which I like because i used it when I was preggo on my itchy and stretched out stomach. It leaves your hands so smooth.

The Sweet Essence Shea & Soy Body Butter is alot thicker than the lotions which I love for my feet. My feet are cracked , peeling , all together a mess. This body butter was thick enough to rub into my feet and stay put. It soaked in and stayed on. My feet now are so smooth and soft. I have honestly tried so many lotions on my feet even medicated one and nothing has even come close to soften them and this did. I was shocked and excited to finally find something that works.

I have told all my family about it because of wonderful these products are. I am definitely gonna buy me a bottle of the Vanilla Orchid Hand and Body lotion and a bottle of the Sweet Essence Shea & Soy Body Butter. So if you have dry cracked skin or just want a great smelling lotion that works I definitely suggest trying TC & Company's products. They have many different scents and they even have a sampler set so you can try all the scents and different product before you buy a big bottle, but I think if you try it you will definitely be going back for more!! www.tcandcompany.net or www.tcbathbodyandhome.com for their full online boutique and they even have a etsy store to at www.tcandcompany.etsy.com for great products and free shipping

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