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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3 more followers!

I need 3 more followers before I have 100 followers! I am excited!!!! I hope some are dedicated followers and readers of my blog because this blog means alot to me and I love all your guys comments and ideas. I love reading your guys blogs and i hope it is mutual thanks for all the support hopefully soon we will be celebrating 300 followers and soon 100 posts and Id love to see 1000th comment wow! there is sooo much to come but I am proud that my blog has been open a little over a month and is doing pretty well! If there is any suggestions or ideas youd like me to blog about let me know thanks and YAY 3 people early for 100 followers!


makeetis said...

I love your blog. I always read the blogs I am following. I always love to read bio's because I get a chance to know the bloggers. I don't have one yet but I am hoping to get a new computer (one I don't have to keep shutting down) and I will do it for my friends and family.

AmandaSue said...

wow for a blog that has only been around about a month I'd say your doing really well at almost 100 follower! :) I'm a newer reader/follower to your blog but I'm glad I stumbled upon it!