Monday, March 9, 2009

Spa Time baby what a great invention!!

Spa time baby has this awesome Cozy Care cape. It is such a great invention!! I know some of you have kids like mine who splash and make the whole bathroom a lake ha ha along with me soaked. well this cape is a great product that you wear while your splashing beauty is bathing and you stay dry and then when they are done you don't have to chin a towel to wrap them with just use your handy cape to grab them and wrap them all while you stay dry.
This is soo great! I don't have to change every time my kids take baths so less laundry yay! This great cape has a water proof under side that keeps you dry and a very absorbent front made of 100% terry cloth to dry your little ones off. It is such a great size to fit all sizes and still wrap your baby. It is like a apron you slip it over your head and your front side is completely covered.There is no tying or buttons or Velcro to mess with. This Cape is a easy, safe and comfortable way to dry your baby. If you have any little ones this is a must have! It's great for use with toddlers, pets, disabled adults, or any task that requires staying clean and dry.It would make a great baby shower gift, birthday present or just are great buy for any one with a little one!! I definitely recommend this great cape to you all!!! Check out all the different designs and styles and more great info on this wonderful product at http://www.spatimebaby.com/

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Stephanie said...

Found you from the Follow Me. Your kids are adorable!