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Friday, May 22, 2009

Eeboo review

We got the chance to try Eeboo's new Fairytale spinner game and my girls loved it! My son at first wasn't interested since it was a girl game but after watching the girls for a while having fun he eventually joined in and had a blast too. I love that is brings out their imagination with telling their own stories. Its funny to listen to their crazy interesting stories haha! It is definitely a hit in this house and will be a great addition to our family game night games!

Eeboo has some great games and toys. I love that they are educational and makes them use their imaginations. I like that everything is easy to use and is great for all ages. The definitely have something for everyone. So check them out at http://www.geniusbabies.com/

Here is a little of the company info on this awesome game:

eeBoo Fairytale Spinner Game
- for 2-4 players, ages 5 years and up.

Spin for a Hero, and something to ride,A Rival, a Treasure (to find or to hide)Chose a cave, or a castle with fortified towers A friend and an object with magical powers Get all of them first and you'll get the glory,Of winning, and using them all in a story!

Game includes: 4 Heroes, 4 Rival, 4 Helpers, 4 Magical Objects, 4 Means of Transport, 4 Treasures, 4 Fairy Tale Places.Ages 5 years and up.

Price- $16.95