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Friday, July 10, 2009

I will be gone til the 16th

So i recieved a call today from my ex MIL who has my 2 oldest kids for the month of july for their fathers visitation anyways she was all calm and collected and ask for my insurance information to take my son to the ER because she thought he might of sprained his wrist i tried to talk to my daughter to ask what happened and she was scared and full of tears so they hung up. A couple hours later they call and say he broke his radius with a hairline fracture. WTH!! What happen that he broke his inner arms bone???? no answer! they just said they were splinting it and hed have to see a padiatric osteosurgeon on monday to get it casted then a couple hours later they call and say none of the doctors would except my out of state insurance only at the hospitals they will but the hospital down there doesnt cast. Now she make 40,000 a year she owns her house and its paid off and her van is payed off she has utilities only and my ex hasnt payed child support in over 2 years owing over 12000 yet they cant pay for him to get casted ewwwww so Long story short I am jumping in the car tomorrow with my 3 yougest kids 4 and under for a 13 to 13 hour car trip to AZ to take him to a doctor to get it cast at any cost my son comes first even though we havent paid rent this month and bills are due my son comes first!! I so want to grab them say visitation over they are coming home with me now forget aug 5 when they fly home alone!!! i mean what kind of freaking supervision do they got right now!! I am very sad im not there with my boy while he is hurt and in pain with his first time ever being injured and especially that bad! I am angry they let this happen to him! I am frustrated they are to cheap to fix it! I might be over protective but at least they are safe and taken care of and have fun!!! So i will be gone tomorrow til thursday I will try to check in on my sisters computer but no gaureentees hope you guys keep checking in and dont forget me hehe! Ill be back and I have a great Back to School extraganza coming Aug 1st with over 10 giveaways and more!!!


AmandaSue said...

Wow I hope your son is going to be ok, sounds like a messy situation, have a safe trip.

Whitney said...

Wow--scary! Find out what happened and make a determination from there. I personally would be right with you on taking him home. I am sure everything will be fine. Good luck!