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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mommies Angels Spotlight!

So for some of the newbies here and some new PRs here is a short intro to Me and Mommies Angels!

First of Hi my name is Toni! I am a stay at home mom to 6 kids 5 are biologically mine and my step daughter I am a full time mom to her since she was a year old so she is and will always be my child too. I have a 10 year old daughter who thinks she 16 and drives me crazy thinking what am I in for when she really is 16! She loves to dance and sing! I total drama queen! I have a 8 year old son. My only boy and he is a big mommas boy and I love it! He loves soccer and video games and cars! Typical boy right? Well he and my 4 yr old and 3 yr old all have a type of hemophilia so it makes him a normal boy with limits so fun! Next is my 7 yr old step daughter who is shy but sneaky! She also like to dance. Then comes my 4yr old who will be 5 in Sept. She is my hotheaded red head with a temper and the bluest crystal blue eyes ever. She is petite but can take on the world. She came into this world fighting for her life being premature and not breathing on her own but she fought and she will go out of this world fighting. She loves to dance and sing and make noise lol. Next is my Grace. She is a smart, particular little 3 yr old. She likes things in a certain way. She like to be left alone from the other kids. Give her a coloring book or a magazine or block and stay away. She like organization and is a little OCD ha ha! Last but not least is my baby. 16 month old Destiny is my last baby who decided she didn't want to be the baby so she walked at 9 months and can do everything on her own. She is a monkey loves to climb , swing, jump on and off everything. She is always happy and loves to learn. She is growing up soo much faster then the rest.
OK enough about the kids ha ha. Me i got a college degree in medical billing and started going for nursing which I hope to finish someday lol. I love medical field especially since my family and I have lots of medical issues. Honestly I could write the whole medical dictionary just with my family experiences and issues ha ha. I am a photographer! I love pictures and I cant get enough of them! I would take pictures of my kids every day if they'd let me. I love trying out new stuff and sharing. I do everything for my family which i love which means I don't get a whole of time for myself . My wish is one day for myself to be pampered at a day spa. Get my hair cut and done, nails and toes done, massage, facial, makeup done and whole makeover day just for me but until my kids are grown and I become rich that's one wish that will stay a dream. Reality is getting house clean stains out of clothes which is impossible I have come to realize, getting kids to and from their school and other activities, cooking, cleaning, photo shoots, product reviews, and more taking care of kids. That's my life! I Love It!!

Mommies Angels started for a few reasons. One to share my days with others as a mom. Also as a venting place and then a place to share all the great ideas and stuff I found and tried. Even as a child I loved trying new things and still do. If something new comes out I am always one of the first to buy it and try it. Sometimes I find the next great product and invention and other times I was wishing I never tried it! But oh well Curiosity is a powerful thing that I cant ignore ha ha. When I do find a great thing I like to share it with the family, friends and the world! So Mommies Angels is great for that. I have met some great people here and I love it and I hope to met tons more. I love hearing every ones thought and ideas and getting others words out too.

So that me, my family and my blog! Hope that intrigues you to stick around for more!


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