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Monday, July 27, 2009

plasma car review

We got the amazing chance to try out the Plasma Car and we love it! My kids love riding it and taking turns wiggling the steering wheel back and forth creating movement. To go in reverse the handle can be turned in a 180 degrees and again all it takes is a little wiggle. Then to top it off its not only for the kids, The Plasma Car can hold up to 220 lbs and adults LOVE it just as much as children. My brother in law which is in his 20's rode it too and had fun! Even my Husband wanted to try it out!
We gave it to our daughter for her birthday on Sunday and she cant get enough of it! The funny thing even my 16 month old can get on it and get it moving all by herself and thinks that is the neatest thing around. I must say when I first seen the Plasma Car I thought it was a toddler push car and once I received it and read up on it and all I seen it is for all ages. My Sister in laws son was having fun riding it too and he is 9. They had them at the Shriner's hospital in SLC where he had his leg surgeries and she said he would ride them with both of his feet casted all around the play area of the hospital. I had so many family members asking about it how much it cost, where to get them and thought they were just cool. They are definitely a hit with our family and I know they will be a huge hit in yours!

The PlasmaCar can be purchased online for $69.95, or click on their Retailers button to search for stores that have the PlasmaCar near you! Don't forget to check out all of the products that PlaSmart offers. Keep up with the latest from PlaSmart on Twitter and become a Fan on Facebook. After using this I became a follower and a fan on both twitter and facebook. I cant wait to hear of what they come up with next!