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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Contigo Review

I am a sucker for sippy cups really I am. I love the concept of no spills. I have bought I think every kind of cup out there and I must say was disappointed by many and as expensive as they are getting I expect better. Well Contigo has some great ones for kids 4 to 12 years old and some great spill proof cups for adults on the go. I love that they are for the older ones too because we are on the go alot with dance and soccer but I dont have enough thermos to go around and I dont want opened cups in the van this is were Contigo comes in handy. The Auto Seal Kids mugs are great! They are perfect size that hold 9 ozs. They come in great color and they are completely spill proof unless you push the button to release the drink. The button is on the side of the cup and when push it opens the drinking hole and out comes the drink , release the button in closes the hole and spill proof. That is cool my kids say! They love the idea of having their own to go cup like the little ones! My 3 year old is still trying to figure it out but I think by the end of the week she will have it mastered. My youngest cant get into to it to spill it or spit it out everywhere which is a bonus too. I love the rubber on the bottom to give it some grip.I like that it is slender to fit into the cup holders also! I like the shape and design of it . It is just so natural to drink out of and yes I did try for this review haha. I am jealous though I want the AutoSeal Swish Hydration Bottle now which looks awesome.

Contigo has some great mugs, thermos, hydration bottle, and kids cups. They all looks so neat that I want to try them all! The prices are comparable with the ones you buy at store but they seem like they will last longer them the store ones. You definitely should check Contigo out!

Company info:

What happens when they outgrow their sippy cups but they don't outgrow spilling? How about a kids mug they can't spill even if they try? How about a mug that's cool enough for the kids, with the performance moms and dads are looking for? AUTOSEAL® is cooler than a sippy cup, but impossible to spill and 100% leak-proof. Those are pretty bold claims, but they are what AUTOSEAL® is all about.

The AUTOSEAL® Kids Mug is the perfect mug for your 4 to 12 year old. They may outgrow their sippy cups, but they never outgrow spilling.


Patented AUTOSEAL® lid is 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof. Lid is also one piece, meaning no loose parts.

Drinking made easy! Press to sip. Release to seal. AUTOSEAL® automatically seals between sips to ensure no spills.
Contoured body makes this mug easy to hold for smaller hands.

Non-skid bottom pad helps keep the mug in place.

Will hold 9 oz. of your child's favorite beverage.

BPA FREE. Made with polypropylene (PP) #5.

Phthalate- and PVC-free.

Top-rack dishwasher-safe, but hand wash recommended for best results.