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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Potty training Solutions review

We are going through potty training right now with my 3 year old and it has had its ups and downs but all together going pretty good. With potty training there are always accidents and those thin underwear don't soak up any of it. You end up with a huge puddle all over the floor. Well Potty Training Solutions has saved the day for us! We got the new Smart Pockets trainer pants and the boxer trainer and I love them. Nighttime is my favorite time to use them since she has been doing well during the day and I hate the fact to put a diaper on for bed since my daughter tells me "I'm a big girl now ! I don't wear diapers" Yes its cute but I am afraid of her wetting her bed! Since we have been using the Smart Pockets her bed is dry in the morning and she is happy to not wear diapers anymore! http://www.pottytrainingsolutions.com/

Now I know most of you are like me think of training pants and big bulky plastic covered pants but not these. They are thicker then normal underwear but in the right spots for absorbency. There is now noisy plastic either. The cover is protective and soft and a water resistant cloth material. I love them! They have saved alot of washing sheets, clothes and smelly rooms and beds! Potty training is hard as it is so why not make it easier on you and you big kid! Check out all the great potty training tips, products and more at http://www.pottytrainingsolutions.com/ Don't get frustrated with potty training anymore because Potty Training Solutions has it all for you!