Thursday, September 24, 2009

Etchings Expressions review and discount

With the holidays right around the corner why not get something special for you loved ones or people special too you or even the ones you dont know what to get. Etchings Expressions has just the thing! They have personalized etched bottle of wines, champanes, or sparkling cider for those that dont drink. You can even get liquor bottles personalized. They make awesome presents for birthdays, christmas, thanksgiving, weddings, new babys, and so on. http://www.etchingexpressions.com/etchedwine/

I got a personalized bottle of champane for my hubbys birthday and it was they center of the attantion. I was gorgeous! I got to have my words put on it and it was all etched into the bottle and then painted. It was great! We were fond of the Champane and would of preferred a red wine or sparkling cider but the bottle alone was worth it. We almost didnt want to open it because it was so beautiful. We saved the bottle and put it on the shelf to look at it forever and it now has become I priceless piece of our home decoration that will be treasured always.
So now your chance to have a gift that everyone will love and treasure. Check out all their beautiful selections here http://www.etchingexpressions.com/etchedwine/. You can even have personilized labels made with your own picture and words which is awesome. Right now Etching Expressions is giving my lucky readers a awesome discount of 15% off your order using the discount code ANGELS BLOG . So dont let this great deal pass you by check them out at http://www.etchingexpressions.com/etchedwine/

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what a special gift!