Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fuji Enviro Max Batteries

I am always looking for more green products lately. I am really trying to do my part. One thing I didnt know though that there were green batteries. In my house we go through alot of batteries so when i heard there are green batteries I was intrigued into trying them out. Fuji sent me some to try and I must say I was impressed. They looked and performed like normal batteries. They lasted for a good amount of time and performed beyond what I thought they would. That is awesome!http://www.greenfuji.com/

Now I am pretty perticular when it comes to batteries for my things and onlky use certain batteries. For the kids stuff I could care less as long as they work and are reasonable i buy them haha. This is becauise my kids have billions of toys that uses batteries and it would cost me millions to replace all the toys batteries haha. When I find a good battery that last a long while in my kids toys and for reasonable price I am sold. Well these are those batteries. Not only am I saving money, batteries, and my kids toys I am also saving our earth now that is woryh it all. That is my selling point and trust me im sold. So if you need batteries and want to save the earth at the same time check out Fuji enviro max batteries at http://www.greenfuji.com/

Company info:

•One of the few batteries with "Reverse Current Protection"
•Long shelf life - one of the longest alkaline batteries in the industry
•One of the longest lasting alkaline batteries available
•Priced competitively among market leaders
•Power meets or exceeds the competition
•Works well in extreme climate conditions
•Perfect for digital devices

•Mercury and Cadmium free
•Packaged with recyclable materials
•Manufacturing process does not release any ozone depleting compounds

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Tiffany said...

Great review! I love environmental friendly alternatives.