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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Potty Training Solutions Smart Pockets diapers review & giveaway ends Oct 2

Potty Training Solutions is one of my favorite sites. It has all kinds of great product that id love to have and great articles to read. Lately our family has really started going green with all the back to school stuff and recycling well Potty training Solutions has sent us some cloth diapers to try. I have never used cloth diaper ever with any of my 6 kids but I was willing to try them to help the earth and to help possible save money since now I only have one child left in diapers. My mom used cloth diaper but back then she said they didnt have disposable diapers.

When they arrived I washed them like instructed and inspected them and I thought wow looks easy enough. So then I tried them and they were soft , comfortable looking and looked really padded. They went on easily and I love the easy velcro straps so I could readjust them if nessassary and they stuck good enough that my daughter couldnt take them off either. I liked that. They worked good during the day as long as I changed her frequently since she drinks alot and pees alot haha. I didnt try them at night only because my daughter is 17 months old and still wakes up 1 to 2 times a night and drink 3 bottles through out the night and not even disposable extra protection night time diapers keep her dry so I knew these would have her soaked.

I love having these on her sensitive skin during the day and she has had less irratation with her excema around her diaper area since we used these cloth diapers, so I love that. I like that they are easily cleaned and dried. Now Im not saying Im completely gonna switch to cloth diapers but during the day they are awesome and have helped save me on disposable diapers and I actually like using over my disposable diapers at night also for the extra protection. I definitely would of used these when she was newborn too because of how many diaper I went through with her haha.

I am thankful that Potty Training Solutions allowed us the chance to try out the new Smart pockets cloth diapers and I think they are great and thats coming from someone who thought theyd never use a cloth diaper ever in my life haha. So if you already use cloth diaper you need to try out the new smart pockets they are awesome and for those who dont I encourage you to try them you'll be amazed!check them out at http://pottytrainingsolutions.com/

Company Info:
The SmartPockets Diaper System includes:
1 Patented Diaper Cover
1 Patented Tri-Fold Reusable Diaper.

This top rated cloth diaper is the most leak resistant diaper we have been able to find. Comfortable, Reusable and Kind to Mother Earth.
Patented SmartPocketsTM System

Cover Features
The only diaper wrap available with patented design of two full separate layers of waterproof protection.

Eco Friendly - Multi uses per day possible - decreasing wash cycles.

Unique from any other reusable diaper system with two layers of waterproof.
The first layer, a pocket sling, fits comfortably to the infant's body to ensure containment of all waste.
The second layer, or outer layer, creates the unique additional protection preventing leakage.
Unique patented pocket sling design - SmartPocketsTM - allows pad or cloth diaper to be tucked securely into place.

Adjustable - Velcro closure allows custom fit to baby.

Laundry-safe self closing tabs.

Versatile - Any type of reusable or disposable pad or diaper may be used with this cover.

Recommend for use with the SmartPocket patented tri-fold pad.

Designed by the inventor of the first USA diaper with Velcro type closures.

The pad was designed especially for the patented waterproof Pocket-SlingTM feature in all SmartPocketsTM waterproof covers and pants.

Diaper Features
Central layer of quilted micro fiber and cotton combination for a soft "Stay Dry" feel against the skin.
Two super absorbent layers of micro terry attached as "wings" for easy folding forwards and backwards slimming the bulk between the legs.

Design reduces dry time, odor retention and mildew build up all together!

Only one tri-fold pad required at a time for regular use. Booster pad may be required for extended wear time (i.e. overnight, travel).

Small - 6 to 13 Pounds
Medium - 12 to 20 Pounds
Large - 20 to 30 Pounds

Potty training solutions is giving one of my lucky readers a new smart pocket diaper system and a pack of the booster pads that is great!

To enter:
1. go to http://pottytrainingsolutions.com/ and tell me one product the sell that you love

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Sarah said...

I love the Pink Bummis Diaper Cover.

sarah at northernlightsaquatics.com

GabbyLowe said...

I like the Wooden It's Potty Time Potty Chair


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I follow on twitter and tweeted. http://twitter.com/susanlanai/status/3962444610

Natalie A. said...

I like the VibraLITE 8 - Reminder Vibration Watch - Pink Polyurethane!


Natalie A. said...

I entered the Anytime Costume Giveaway!

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aimee said...

I like the Bjorn little potty. Perfect for smaller kids.


lace said...

The SOS Waterproof Mattress Pad looks great. I've been looking for something like that.

flowerchild said...

i love the Aquini - Potty Training Doll - Girl


Emily B said...

I also like the Imse Vimse diapers (and the jungle diaper cover, how cute!)

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I've blogged here:


Emily B said...

I've blogged here:


Emily B said...

I've blogged here: