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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thumbuddy Review

My daughter who is almost 5 in two weeks has sucked her thumb since she was 1 month old! In the beginning it was cute watching her so tiny sucking her very tiny fingers. I couldn't believe being 1 month old and 5 lbs and only 18 inches long she was already finding comfort in her thumb. It helped her sleep through the night at 4 months old so I was happy! Well now almost 5 years later she still finds comfort in her thumb at bedtime and its not as cute. It has cause dental issue that will need lots of repair when she is older. I have tried putting nasty stuff on it to stop her but didn't work. I tried bribing her, nope didn't work. I tried reminding her and telling her that it is gross and yucky to suck her thumb but it didn't work either. http://thumbuddytolove.com/

I heard about Thumbuddies and thought well if we could cover up the thumb maybe it would work! We got the Fireman Fred and tried it on and she thought it was the neatest thing ever. We read the book which we read every night now and it was a very cute story. We put the little sticker chart on the fridge and every night that she goes to bed with it on and wakes up with it still on and no sucking her thumb she gets a sticker. She is doing great! She has had a few reminders but other than that this is working better than I ever thought! At the rate we are going we might have her broke by her birthday on the 24Th of this month! Yay! I am so excited!

Thumbuddies are great and I will definitely be telling her dentist about them and anyone I know who has thumb suckers. If you have one you definitely need to check these out ! They are just a soft little finger puppet looking thing you put it on their thumb and since it is out of sight out of mind it seems to work great! You definitely should check these out at http://thumbuddytolove.com/