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Friday, October 9, 2009

Dr. Hippos series books are perfect

We are a big book fan at our house with the older 3 reading alone out lough for 20 minutes everyday after school and then I read a story to each of the 6 kids one at a time every night at bedtime so as you count that up we go through alot of books. I love the books that we learn from alot and the kids love the books with the bright, colorful, pretty pictures. Well with the Dr. Hippo Books it does both.http://www.drhippo.com/

These books are fun, colorful, and gorgeous. They are all hard covered with is awesome. It is pretty simple to read so they make great homework reading books. I love that they get to learn what happens when you get a sore throat or diarrhea or other medical conditions. It helps them under stand these conditions in a non scary way. I love it!

My favorite has to be the little elephant with the big ear ache. My 3 littlest one have had tubes in their ears more than once so the whole ear infections are a big thing and they are too young to understand that their ear hurts for a reason with this story about the elephant going to the doctors and having him do a check up and looking into his ear made them say my doctor did that. Now I am all better. It made our doctor the hero instead of the bad guy that always gives shots. I love the connection they made.

Even if your child never gets sick which is highly unlikely but still if not these are great learning books. They are very colorful, detailed and fun to read. I think they are great book from birth to 10 then again my 11 year old loves them too so they would work for older kids too. If you loves books and reading with your kids as much as we do you definitely need to check these awesome books out. They are called Dr. Hippos Series Books and I recommend them to all children , parents and grandparents. http://www.drhippo.com/


Charlotte Cowan, M.D. said...

Hi Toni:
Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful review of the Dr. Hippo Series! I love that your children have enjoyed the books and I hope you found the Parent Guides in back, too!
Thank you again!!