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Friday, October 23, 2009

fun friday

so today is my oldest 11th birthday its crazy that 11 years ago I became a mom. She being my first was my lab rat honestly i was 2 weeks from being 18 when i had her and yes i watch and took care of my niece's and nephews but I had no idea how to raise a child. I was blessed with her even though her father aka Sperm donor was useless and a jerk and still is I made it through I finished high school and college with a baby. I honestly feel she is what helped me through it with out her I don't think i would of made it. She is my rock, my best friend and my baby. It seems like yesterday i was in the hospital hooked on all the medicine machines for two days to force her out and boom she was here. my 6lb 15 oz 20 inch little baby girl was in my arms. She was a tough baby with colic and no idea when to sleep since she sleep a total of 4 hours a day lol. She always loved to talk and hear herself be heard since she was born and 11 years later no change lol. I can remember her first bday, first words, first steps, singing around the house, her first dance class and recital, her first day of school and now she is 11 going on 16 honestly i am afraid to blink or she will be married with kids of her own haha. She is always gonna be my baby and she is the oldest so i have to learn everything from her so she will always be my lab rat haha !Happy birthday to my princess! I love you!
Picture from this weeks crazy hair day at school so fun!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Aww Happy Birthday! Today is my birthday too! My oldest just turned 10 last week too. It's crazy how time flies by isn't it!

CityGirl GoneCountry said...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER"....I rememer those crazy hair days......yes how they grow up so fast and the time flies by.....Have a great weekend:)