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Monday, October 12, 2009

My 18 month old's new thing

Ok so my baby is almost 19th month on the 18th of this month. She has done everything before any of my other kids. She walked at 9 months, crawled at 6 months, she has no fears. She climbs on anything and everything and will jump to if you dont catch her. She is the ultimate monkey! The only thing that still babyfies her is she is still on a bottle which I know naughty naughty but she is still on formula, well Nutrimigen formula the 25 dollars a can crap because she is allergic to milk and all dairy products, So it is just easier to mix and drink and make in a bottle.

Anyways lately she has been undressing herself no matter what she is in unless its so tight she cant get it off. She strips her pants off and diaper off. She is good if I just put a new fresh diaper on her she will leave it on but if it has even a tiny bit of pee in it off it comes. She has always been this way since birth hates wet dirty diapers but now its getting extreme. I dont want to change it after every little pee or Id be broke buying diapers. I have tries cloth diapers but she really doesnt like those either. I am so sick of telling her not to take her pants and diaper off and redressing her. Ive trying putting panties over the diaper, the diaper covers, onsies, pants and etc. she takes them all off. She is one smart cookie.

She is too young to potty train i feel she is not relizing she needs to pee or poo yet so the potty training thing wont work. It is getting cold here so she really needs to stay dressed. I dont know what to do. Today she woke from her nap and strip naked and there was poo inside the diaper and all over her and her crib, I was so disgusted and frustrated. Is there any other moms that have dealt with this or dealing with this. Do any of you have tips or companies that sell something that will help. I need something asap before I pull my hair out and go insane. None of my other kids did this at this age and were not this bad. I had a few that did it when they were closer to potty training age but usually putting bottoms on fixed the problem no night gowns the problem was solved not my monkey she is way different way smarteer way more defiant way more her.

Anyone if you can help please!!!


Stacie said...

a friend of mine had a daughter that did the same thing. when she put her down for a nap or to bed she had to put two onsies on her. one on front ways and one on backwards. her daughter could not get them off that way.

Nicole said...

Obviously my little one is too young to undress herself, but everytime I have to get her naked to get in the bath she starts laughing hysterically. I know I'm in for a treat once she is able to figure out how to undress herself!
By the way, I have a blog award waiting for you on my blog!

Emily said...

What a trip! Although it sounds like you have ruled it out, I'd strongly encourage you to reconsider the potty training aspect. Her body is in fact ready and it sounds like things are aligning to make it a pretty easy process. I've written a whole series, which begins here: Follow the Zing of Potty Training. I've trained both of my kids around that same age and have helped others do the same.
Let me know how it goes!
Emily Geizer

AudreyO said...

Neither of my kids were potty trained until they were 3 and pretty much they never minded the wet diapers. I wish I had some advice for you.