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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

week is flying by too fast

I cant believe its tuesday already tomorrow is my kids last day of school til next weekend they get a 4 day weekend for fall break. I want to know when all these breaks came about because I know I didnt have fall breaks and ueas, and teacher days and all these other days off.

Well at least I wont have to drive my hubby to work thursday and friday since the kids dont have school but that means we are stuck in the house haha. Hopefully it will be decent weather but not counting on it. Saturday I am taking the kids out to do kids pictures of them and some with their costumes on probably do two seperate locations because i want good pictures haha.

I just have a feeling its gonna be a long weekend since last weekend was a 3 day weekend now a 4 day weekend. Guess we are gonna be breaking out the crafts and start making kids presents to grandma and nana for xmas.


Hit 40 said...

Fall break? Nice. We have a 3 day weekend in central Ohio for a teacher workday on Friday. My kids need to catch up on their sleep.