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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Epson Artisan 810 blew me away

So most of you know i love photography and that I do run a photogrpahy business. It is just starting out but I love it. I love my camera which is a Nikon D60 and I would love to upgrade when I get the money lol. the only thing is I have millions of pictures on my computer and no prints. I miss prints.I have went to stores to have them printed but it cost me a fortune to print them up since I take alot of pictures. So then I bought photo paper to print them myself from my regualr printer and it was just as expensive since you have paper to buy and my old printer goes through ink like it is water honestly I could print maybe 10 8x10's and all the ink is gone. Then the ink cartiridges for my old printer cost me $80 for the two. Well Epson has solved my problem.

Epson sent me the new Artisan 810 printer. It is a photo printer, and a everyday printer. It faxes, scan, it does it all. It has 7.8” Touch Panel with Tilt and Easy-to-View 3.5” LCD and it has Wi Fi built in so we can use it with all three computers at our house wirelessly. That is soo cool before we would have to disconnect our old printer from one computer then connect it to another back and forth back and forth. It really was a pain.

Another great feature of this awesome printer is you can easily select, copy, enlarge, rotate, crop, restore, and print photos without a computer. I can use my sd card or my usb flash drive to connect and view my pictures. I can view them and edit them right on the printer. Another neat thing is I can turn my pictures into coloring book pages or personalized notebook pages without my computer. My favorite feature is I can print on printable cds and personalize my clients photo cds with their pictures printed on the cd. That is soo neat and so beautiful. I can do one print on it or do a collage of photo on the cd and it doesnt mess up the the pictures I burned on to the disk . It just make the cd look beautiful. Some more great function of the Epson Artisan 810 all in one printer is you can charge your MP3 players and cellphone with the usb port on the front so you dont have use up all your power outlets. You can print from your Iphones and phones which is very handy. I love the paper tray that hold both the 8 x 11 paper and a seperate tray for the 4x6 paper so no switching and readjusting for different size paper. That is nice. It also has a 30-page auto document feeder for copying, scanning or faxing stacks of paper effortlessly. This is something I like since I hated always going some place to fax all my paperwork which I do often now I can do it from home just set the whole stack down and hit fax and it does it all for me . Cool!

The only thing I was worried about is it takes 6 ink cartridges. I was think great this is gonna be like over $100 to replace ink. Boy was I wrong for all 6 cartridges only $70 to $80 which is what I was paying for my Lexmark ink. Then you got to think every color has its own full cartridge of ink so it last like 10 times longer then the combined color cartridges. Also say you use alot more blue but the other are still full instead of throwing away a whole cartridge with ink still left you just replace the blue and done. I know love the way the ink is set up. It will save me lots of money. I figured it cost me 19 cents to print each photo at walmart and it cost me about 15 cents to print with my old printer now with this printer it cost me less than 6 cents a print. That is great. I can print up my photo and start filling up the kids photo albums again. Plus I can offer better deals for my photography business. The print are amazing and they look like you had them printed from a actual photo lab or better. The colors are vibrant and they dont smudge and are water resistant.
I am in total love with the Epson Artisan 810 all in one printer. This is the best present I could have ever gotten. So if you take alot of pictures, or print alot of paper or just want to get rid of your old money grubbing printer you need to check out this printer or any of Epson printers. They are honestly the best I have found out there. I have tried a few different brands and none compare to Epsons. It is one of a kind and you will be amazed with the results. I was!