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Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!! + 2 extra entries into all my giveaways

So I want to wish everyone A Happy Thanksgiving and have today with your family and friends and eat lots of yummy food.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks so I want to say I am thankful for my family and kids. I am thanks for the people I love. I am thankful for the food we eat and clothes we wear. I am thankful for having a roof over our head. Gosh there is too many things I am thankful for to list. But those are the main things.

Also I wanted to let you know bloggers comments are screwed up and I have over 280 comment in limbo that I cant read I cant post I cant do anything with and with the Xmas bash coming to a end in 4 days I dont want people entries not to go through so in case those comments get lost or if blogger doesnt get it fixed in time I hope you all will check your entries and see if they are there If not enter again for all the trouble with blogger even though not my fault but I want everyone to have a chance I am giving 2 extra entries per person for each of my Xmas giveaways until Nov. 30. So with all those giveaways going on that alot of entries for you guys to get in. I would love to see all these giveaway just explode with entries. Think of these entries as a early Xmas gift and a great Thanksgiving present from me!

**Just enter extra entry 1 and 2 for every giveaway!**

Happy Holidays!!


Desiree said...

Thanks a lot for the extra entries!!