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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hasbro toys review

I am a huge fan of Hasbro and so are my kids. Alot of the things on their Christmas list are Hasbro toys. They have such a variety of toys for all ages boys or girls. They have some of the funnest toys too. Hasbro has been around for as long as I can remember so you know they are doing something right.

I got the new wheels pals classic assortment for my 20 month old. I love these adorable soft rubber cars. My daughter loves to steal brothers cars and now she has her own cars if big sister who is 3 doesn't keep stealing them from he ha ha. These cute cars are butterflies, bees, lady bugs, snails, etc. They are perfect for kids 12 months and up. They are fun to roll across the kitchen floor. Best part they are only $3.99 at retailers everywhere. For that price you can buy everyone in the set. These are my daughter favorite new toy and I know you little one will love them too.

The next thing I got was the pink plush I Dog. This is a great toys for kids 6 and up. The best part about this toy is no batteries necessary. You plug your MP3 player into it and you can listen to your music. It is a cute soft fuzzy puppy speaker. I love it. My oldest who is 11 has wanted this since the first time she has set eyes on it. She now uses it more than her stereo now. Now I just need a MP3 wall charge if they carry such a thing because she uses it so much her MP3 player is always dead ha ha. This is a awesome present for those preteens that you have no idea what to get. Great thing is they are only $14.99. That is a awesome price. I was thinking closer to $30 but half that. These are also at retailers everywhere.

Hasbro has everything your kids want for Christmas. Here are a few other great Christmas present ideas from Hasbro. The PLAY-DOH SPAGHETTI FACTORY is great for kids 3 and up and retails for $10. The I turtle for the boys 6 and up. The Mr potato head which is a classic toy. Gosh there is too many great toys from Hasbro to name but those are a few of our favorites. So make sure you check out all the great Hasbro toys this year for all your holiday gifts.