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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Make your own Tutu

So here is another cheap and fun gift for you little girls that you can make yourself.

How to make your Own Tutu

Items needed:
Tulle: 6 yards total. You can use one solid color or a combination of colors.
Elastic: ½-inch wide for babies and toddlers/1-inch wide for older children. You will need a piece long enough to go around the waist of your child.
either stapler or a needle and thread

Step 1: Lay tulle out across a large flat surface with fold toward you. Cut 6-inch wide strips using all of the tulle. You can use a cutting board and rotary blade or just cut with scissors. It is not important that the strips be perfectly straight or exactly 6 inches wide.

Step 2: Wrap elastic around child’s waist and cut where edges just meet. Overlap elastic 1-inch over the other side and staple together along both edges. Make sure staples are running up and down, not from side to side. You can also hand stitch the elastic together or sew on a sewing machine.

Step 3: Open a strip of tulle and place the center over the back of the elastic. Pull tulle around to the front and tie snuggly. Repeat with all tulle pieces.

Step 4: Once all pieces are securely tied on you can spread them out more evenly and you are ready to set back and watch your little one dance up a storm!

I made these last year for christmas for all 5 of my girl and they love dresing up in them plus wearing them to dance people have loves them. I even glue flowers on them or tie bows on them or even add ribbon every other section. so you can personilize them how ever you like!