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Friday, November 6, 2009

PopArt Toaster review

My kids love weekends not because there's no school but because mommy makes them breakfast on the weekends. They love pancakes and waffles. So when I heard about the 5-in-1 Standard Tasty Baker from Pop Art Toaster. I knew I had to try it for the kids! I knew they would love their pancakes shaped like fun characters. Boy was I right!

When we received the 5-in-1 Standard Tasty Baker from Pop Art Toaster it was a week day and they were already bugging to use it. My 3 year old said she wanted Thomas the train pancakes, which how can you say no to that ha ha! My oldest wanted me to use it for her birthday party sleepover to make birthday cakes pancakes for her and her friends. So I instantly knew I was gonna have plenty to review to do lol.

That weekend I made pancakes using the Pop art Toaster and it was so easy to use. I made my normal pancake mix and prepared as usual. Then I used the little scooper that came with the toaster to pour the mix into each shape mold then shut the lid and waited for the light to tell me it was done. It was that easy! My oldest two could do it on their own.The part I was worried about was are they gonna come out just as easily. Well they did, all i used was a fork and out they came leaving no mess behind. That's awesome! My kids loved them and ate them up so fast. It did cause them to play with their food a bit but what do you expect when they are shaped like cute little trains, hearts, birthday cakes, puppies, and kitties.

My only complaint is they are very small. I had to make two batches per child just to equal two regular size pancakes. So it will take a little longer time to make breakfast because you have to make alot. I didn't mind though since the kids had fun and they were so cute. I loved the idea to used them to make mini cupcakes or ice cream sandwiches made with brownies. I will definitely have to try those! I definitely think the 5-in-1 Standard Tasty Baker from Pop Art Toaster is adorable and a must have with kids. It would make a cute family present or for the older children. So check them out and put them on your list you will love it!


maggie said...

That is so cute I think ill have to get my aunt one of those

kalea_kane said...

They are cute. I was concerned about the size too. Great review!

F.T.M. said...

Wow...you certainly have your hands full with all those kids. And I thought I came from a big family. :-) Fun blog! Just popped over from MBC (the FM group) and am now following you. :-) I just started my blog, and I'd love for you to stop by my page.