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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Super Mama's Teething Neclace review

My 19 month old got her teeth late and is around 6 months behind on getting her teeth. Her teeth take so long to come in. I feel so bad for her. You can see them crowning but it can take months before they will even break through. She has literally been teething for the last year straight non stop. She is now just finally getting her molars and it has been causing her to drool and be very fussy. I hate using Tylenol everyday 3 times daily or any other pain reliever. Just the thought of drugging her up always sucks.

So when SuperMama contacted me to do a review on a all natural necklace that helps relieve teething pain and drooling with no drugs I was all in! I was skeptical at first how it was gonna work but after going to school in the medical area I knew honestly what the herbal stuff can do. I am a true believer in all natural medicines and therapeutic massages and oils to help relive alot.

When I receive the necklace my first response to it was it was gorgeous. So even if it didn't work I would be excited to just have my daughter wear it. I wasn't sure if my 19 month old would keep it on since she likes to pull on things and all. To my surprise she loved it! She kept it on and it was perfect size so she didn't have it dangling all over her. Like I said it was beautiful. It is made from pretty orange, brown and black amber beads.
Now I did have a minor defect with my necklace which was that the screw on latch system wouldn't stay shut but SuperMama quickly offered to send me a new one at no charge and was awesome about it! Great Customer service is a big deal for me and they were truly awesome! So we hooked it on my daughter and she wore it to bed and during the day and with in 36 to 48 hours I noticed a big difference. She was alot less irritable and happy. She was drooling less, yes it was not completely stopped but the drool was considerably less and that is a great thing. She even slept better at night with less whining about her mouth. I noticed she wasn't chewing on her fingers as much. I honestly believe it helped her. It might not of took all the pain and drooling away but it definitely helped. I recommend this for all boys and girls who are suffering with teething issues. Any little bit of help really helps. Why not go all natural rather than drugging them up when its really unnecessary. The less medicine in their little bodies the better is what I think and so do 99% of doctors out there. So check out SuperMama and her Amber Teething pain relief Necklace you will be glad you did!

Company Info:
SuperMama Amber Teething pain relief Necklace is a natural teething pain remedy for babies and children ages two months to two years.

Amber, the fossilized resin from prehistoric trees that date as far back as 50 million years, has been worn for centuries as a natural remedy to relieve pain, promote fast healing and boost the body’s own immune system. Worn against a baby’s skin, the Baltic amber necklace releases natural oils with proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that soothe teething pain and reduce inflammation as well as drooling.

While most other teething pain treatments involve applying gels, taking tablets or chewing biscuits, amber is different. The oils released from amber contain succinic acid, which recent scientific research has proven to have a beneficial effect on the human body. Benefits include stimulating the thyroid glands to help reduce drooling and soothe red, inflamed cheeks, in addition to other calmative and anti-fever functions. Simply put the necklace on baby’s neck, and it will work by itself (the necklace is not intended to be chewed, but simply worn).

The Baltic amber teething necklace has been around for decades in Europe, and is even sold in pharmacies in Germany and Switzerland, and is recommended by European Pediatricians.

This product is CPSIA compliant, and has been tested in a third party lab to make sure it is a safe item. The necklace counts three safety features :

1) The clasp is made of plastic and the screw will break away with pressure.

2) Each pure, natural Baltic amber bead on the SuperMama Teething Necklace is individually knotted for safety and durability, so that if the necklace tears, only one bead will come off.

3) The size of the beads are especially chosen so that if the baby ingests a bead, he will simply pass it through harmlessly.


Amber Artisans said...

What a great post! It's nice to see all the smart folks catching on to what the ancients knew and practiced! Baltic Amber has some of the highest concentrations of Succinic Acid found in nature, and this is what makes it so special.

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