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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things Remembered review

When I think of the holidays or even weddings or baby gifts I think Things Remembered. I love this store. Honestly this is my all time favorite store for many many years. When ever I am in doubt with a gift I know I can always find something perfect there.I have bought wedding gifts there. I bought baby gifts there. I bought Christmas gifts there. I have received many gifts from there from my family and friends too. Their selection is awesome and you can personalize everything. I love personalized gifts.

So this Christmas since my daughter is getting to that teen age years soon, I decided to get her something special to know how much I truly love her because I think she forgets sometimes with punishments, chores, and our busy lives. So I got her Max the “Make-A-Wish” Bear. It is a cute little fuzzy white bear holding a personalized snow globe that sings when you wish upon a star. That song is one of her favorites. I had it personalized with "I'm Blessed with an Angel, That Heaven sent, and I call her Megan, My daughter & friend! Love Mom." The globe is gorgeous with a heart inside that says wishes from the heart and all the silver glitter. I absolutely love it beyond words. When I first seen it I teared up because it means alot to me and it was just perfect and so pretty. I know my daughter will treasure this forever. I think out of all her presents for Christmas this will be her favorite since she is so much like me. Really I cant say anything bad about it and there isn't enough words in the dictionary to describe how awesome this is. You really need to check it out for yourself.

To top it off for every Max the “Make-A-Wish” Bear sold $2 goes to Make A Wish Foundation. I am a big believer in this foundation. It is a great organization and deserves to really be recognized for all they do. They are true angels in this crazy world for those that need hope and prayers. So anything that supports Make A Wish is awesome in my eyes. So head over to Things Remembered for your shopping this year you will make someones day.


Tiffy said...

This is one of my fave places to get gifts! They do great personalizations too.