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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doctors really erk me sometimes!

So After taking like 6 months to find a food allergist that sees kids and kids as young as my 20 month old and that takes my insurance We finally found one and we made a appointment which took another 2 weeks before we could get seen ok whatever. We go in todays as today was our appointment and see the doctor. Go over her food allergy symptoms and possible and known allergies and what we need to do to find out exactly what the actual allergies are. Ok so far so good. Then Doctor say it would be a simple pricks of the main allergies people have on her little back wait 15 minutes and done we will know her exact allergies. Ok sounds fine. Then looks and sees in her chart that she has chronic sinitis since she was 2 months old. Asks what I give her for that which is in the chart and said well she cant have any cold meds, allergy meds, benydryll, sinus meds or any meds other then tylenol at least a week before the test. Well um she has been on zyrtec since two months old and they knew we were coming in for this test yet know thought to say no meds but tylenol a week before???? Hello Isnt precedure to let people know before the test date what they cant have for the test?? I was upset because my poor little girl is for sure allergic to all dairy products and we know she is allergic to something else but what we dont know she has a rash from head to toe that is really itchy she is full of hives and has suffered for months to get this finally figured out. Now we have to wait until next friday the 11th for the test. So I could be giving her something she is allergic to until then. Oh my I could strangle some doctors.


Richele said...

That is terrible! I think it is their responsibility to tell you to keep your child off meds in order to do procedure or proper exam. your poor baby! I hope you find a solution.

Leah said...

It sounds like she could be allergic to the milk protien which is in so many things other than dairy products. Bless her heart! I hope they figure this one out fast. I know she has to be miserable

Surge said...

I know what you mean! And it takes forever to get an appointment, seriously - I have a problem now, it will either be gone or drastically increased by the time you check me out!!

I went the emerg. the day on wednesday and he had the nerve to tell me it wasn't an emergency. My mom was really pissed when she found that out, and her sister freaked. She had a friend that was sent home after having her fifth baby and said she was fine, well she died that night holding the baby in the kitchen from a blood clot that went to her brain.

shannon717717 said...

i hope everything works out,good luck!