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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally the tree and decorations are up

So after searching every where for my stuff I got the tree up and decorated and put up some of the decorations around the house and the stockings up. But I know there is one more box with lights and decorations somewhere and I am afraid to say I think they are in are messy messy garage to never be found again lol. Oh well at least we got the tree, ornaments, and stockings right? I think the kids are good with that ha ha. I mean we have a few decorations around the house but I kind of miss my wreath to put on my door it is missing. The outside of my house looks unmerry. All I got is some green garland around my door hmm maybe some dollar tree red bows will spruce that up. Any ways here some pictures. My tree is tiny and 9 year old and a cheap $20 tree but hoping to have money for the after Christmas clearances this year to buy a tree, lights and outdoor decorations and new stocking for the other 3 kids ha ha.


shannon717717 said...

i love those stockings! your tree is beautiful!


This and That said...

Very cute! I bought some new stockings last year, so I have a red and green plaid with a red ruffle that I could send you? If you are interested I can email a photo? Happy Holidays...Angie

lfhpueblo said...

Your tree and nativity are pretty.
I have a dollar tree decoration on my front door this year. I actually found some round ornament red balls for a $1.00, they wanted $4 for them at Walmart. I had to replace the ball that my mom-in-law gave me. She crochet beaded a beautiful ornament ball drape and it had the breakable ball in the center. I hung it up, but must have not got it secure and it fell.
The ornament ball broke, but not her beautiful crochet beaded drape that goes over the ball. I was so thankful for that, because I know how much work she put into it. So I just needed to get one ball. You can't buy just one ball, but that's okay because I got 4 for a dollar at dollar tree. It's hanging very securely now.