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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Help please!

Well I dont like to ask but if anyone has a minute to share my baby girl Destiny is in a photo contest to win a $25 gift certicate and she needs votes you can only vote once so I need alot of help haha! This is the photo we used for the contest and we could really use this gift for her thanks if you and if not that is totally awesome too. Just thought I would ask! Also for helping us out and using up your time to do this for us I will give you a extra entry into my current giveaways for december. I know there is only one so far but ill be posting another one today and more each day for the next couple of days. Here is the link to vote http://www.myhoneysucklebabies.com/pages/babycontest.htm

* On a side note alot fo you claimed your Xmas giveaway prizes but there are some pretty big ones still not claimed you guys have til tomorrow evening to claim or new winner will be chosen! Thanks


lfhpueblo said...

Is there a link or site we go to, to vote for your little girl. I didn't see it in the post, so I'm just wondering.

collyn23 said...

oops sorry I forgot the link it is in there now thanks http://www.myhoneysucklebabies.com/pages/babycontest.htm

shannon717717 said...

she is so cute! i voted for her!