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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Human Body detectives review

So I went to school for the medical field and one day I plan on continuing my degree in the medical field . It is something that interests me a great deal and I try get my children interested in it to because the human body is something very interesting. So when I was approached to review Human Body Detectives book I was like you bet you bottom I want to try this out. I wasn't sure what to expect being something about the human bodies but I was intrigued to see it.

When the Human Body Detectives book arrived I thoroughly looked through it and loved what I saw. It is a CD the kids listen to and then a workbook they do afterwards to see what they learned. This reminds me so much of school and it is fun for the kids. I did this with my oldest 3 since the younger ones didn't quite understand it yet but they did listen to it too. My oldest who is 11 really loved learning about the immune system and colds especially right now with the whole Swine Flu pandemic going on. She has so many questions about it all and this really helped her realize how it all works.

My son who is 9 loved it also. He loves learning how the body works. He wanted a microscope to look at cool things which we got for him last Xmas. He used to watch Magic School Bus and he used to love looking through my medical dictionary but that arose to many ewws and discussions lol. So this was neat to him to learn how the whole body works together to get things done.

My 7 year old didn't quite grab all of it but she liked listening to it and learning about stuff. She did learn some stuff and was able to answer some of the questions but I think if she heard it again she probably be able to answer them all. Overall this was a fun CD and workbook. I now plan on getting the other Human Body Detectives book for them. It was alot of fun and couldn't of came at a better time either the whole Flu stuff going around.

I recommend the Human Body Detectives book to everyone with kids 6+. It is a great Christmas present and will help them learn and have fun at the same time. It is a great thing for your kids. Right now they are having a awesome Holiday sale so head on over and check them out!


shannon717717 said...

it comes with a workbook and cd! my kids would love this human body detectives book!


Anonymous said...

This sounds fun and great learning experience