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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mystery solved- Update on my babies allergies

So after months and years of medical issues with my baby girl we finally found out the coulprits. We knew she was allergic to milk and milk products, we had some test done on her back yesterday where they poked her back like 10 things to see what her allergies are we found out she is allergic to anything with Oats which was in her infant cereal she has everyday in her bottles it is in her baby snacks and her cereals like fruit loops and cheerios. She is also allergic to the milk proteins Casein and Whey and Lactose. she has had all the thing removed from her diet for 24 hours now and her excema rash all over her entire body has gotten way better. She is happier and slept way better.

I feel bad since she was two months old and now she is 21 months old almost two years I have been feeding her stuff she is allergic to I feel so bad. I have unknowningly been poisoning my baby girl. We even found out she has a since reaction to egg whites but not a huge one so he is not gonna classify her as allergic to it but she has to have it very sparingly. We go back in a year to test her again to she is her allergies get better because she can out grow them fingers crossed she does.

The doctor says her excema, her reflux, her sinus allergies, and stomach issues might get better now we know what she is allergic too since they could be why she was having those issues. I feel terrible but also glad we figured it out. Sorry Monkey mommy loves you sooo much!!!


Becca said...

You shouldn't feel bad...you had no way to know! And the important thing is you can fix it now :)

Stephanie Stearns Dulli said...

Don't feel bad (I know that's impossible!) feel happy that you figured it out this early! Sometimes it takes years and years and years! I'm so glad you know the culprits now.

Darcie said...

I am sorry that you feel bad. Food allergies are the worst! I will keep you guys in my thoughts!