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Thursday, January 21, 2010

how old is the right age??

So my 5 year old got her first invite to a kid from Headstart birthday party. She wants to go but it is Friday at the girls house for 2 hours. I don't know the girl or her family and this is the girl that at headstart Brea was playing with and the little girl yanked her arm out of socket. She seems like a highly energetic child from what I have seen when I drop off and pick up my daughter. I mean it is cute and a milestone. Her first friend birthday invite. Still I don't like the idea of dropping my daughter who is only 5 at some persons house for 2 hours. I mean if It was at a park or some place more public I would stay with my other kids and just keep a eye out but its not. I was thinking of just sending her to school with a present and call it good. My other kids have never went to a friends birthday party alone until at least 1st grade unless I knew the kid and parents or it was at a park and I stayed with my other kids playing at the park. I mean yes I do send out invites to my kids school friends but usually not until 1st grade. It is family and close friends before that age. Then to this year when my my oldest turned 11 she wanted a sleepover party and I was hesitate because of these same reasons parents are like me they will say no or be scared to send them I gave in and we did it but as I thought no one showed up so we had a regular party the next day and some showed up. I know it sucks since when we were kids friends came over , spent the night, stayed all day, had fun but really this day and age it is too scary to let your kids out of your sight well at least for me it is lol!

So what is your guys opinions or rules at your house about friends parties? Do you think I am wrong for this or in this day and age is it right to be this way?


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a little too free and easy with my kids, but if the adults seem reasonable after I've talked to them, they don't appear to keep rotweilers in the playroom, and their kids seem well-adjusted, I'd just let mine go.

Dee said...

I'm not at this age yet-thank goodness-BUT you could always go a few minutes early and get to know the parents a little. LOL-camp outside in your car :)

Melissa, The Mom said...

Does the invitation say that they want you to drop off and leave, or is that just an assumption? I wouldn't hesitate to let my child go, but at that age I would be there with them. I can't imagine having a party for my own 5 year old and expecting the parents not to stay. In fact I would WANT them to stay. As the hostess you have your hands full with the party itself, I can't imagine being responsible for all those PreKers by my lonesome. So to answer your question, for me, a drop off party at 5 for someone who's not a very very very good friend of the family, no, I wouldn't. A 5 year old friend party where the parents are staying, absolutely. Go and have fun!

Jackie said...

I'm with Melissa! My oldest is about to turn 5 (in a little over a week) and for his party I expect the parents to stay with their kids unless it's a close friend who asked first if it's ok to drop the kid off. I can't see watching over all the little kids (he's in head start also, which is 3 & 4 year olds and I send invites to all the class)

lfhpueblo said...

I don't know we had the parties at a public place (like Chuckie Cheese, or whatever), so the parents could come if they wanted and stay.
We only let sleep overs be for one child at a time, and only one friend at a time. The parents were ones we knew closely too.
I think I'm just a little more hesitant. I mean I never let our kiddos sell stuff door to door for school either. We just bought the amount of product they were required to sell.