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Friday, February 5, 2010

Great Customer Service

Now I have worked with alot of Companies and I cant say they all had the best customer service but a few did. One that really stands out is ruthless-toothless . They always answered all my questions in a fast timely manner and was always so helpful. They went far beyond to get my winner her prize and keep in touch with me to let me know what was going on. I want to thank them for being such a great company and fullfilling their company duties and more. There isnt alot of companies out there that do so when you find one share it with the world. At least thats how I feel.
I absolutely adore their clothing line and want so much more of them. and after the great customer service I recieved and great quality product I got I will definitely be shopping there again theres no doubt about it! You really need to check out their adorable clothing line. You will fall in love like I did! http://www.ruthless-toothless.com/


CaseyDeuce said...

Actually, I found their customer service to be poor. I was supposed to work with them back in August for a Kickoff to Kindergarten event and was left hanging after they had said that they wanted to be included. Then an email that was supposed to be sent to someone else from their company got sent to me. I just found it to be quite poorly run.

collyn23 said...

Thats crazy Casey sorry tat happened to you. I have had nothing but great service from them. They always responded back to my emails withing 24 hours. I emailed them a lot too because i like to know whats going on at all time haha. They were so nice about all my emails and didnt get sick of me asking a million questions. I got my review item in a fast shipping manner in perfect condition. Only probablem we had was with Canadas customs and Ruthless-Toothless went out of their way to pay the customs and talk to customs and get everything figured out so my winner would get her prize free of charge. They were great!!