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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Its Super Bowl Sunday!!

So the day has arrived. Sub Sandwich's, buffalo wings, pizzas, and chips & dips are being made across the US all for this big game. Don't forget all the beer that is gonna be consume today and all the soda. Get ready for all the cheers and boos and screaming. Super Bowl XLIV is here!!

So honestly this seems like a huge holiday. Everyone gearing up for the big game. I want to know how many people watch the game for the Football and how many for the Commercials???? I must admit I watch it for the food and Commercials ha ha. I like seeing the new things coming out and seeing the cutest and funny commercials. But then again maybe its just a excuse to party, have fun with the family , eat finger foods and enjoy time together. I don't know what it is but I am excited and I cant wait to see what the Super Bowl has in store for us!

So Why do you watch the Super Bowl???


Lilith Silvermane said...

Food and the commercials, unless the Cowboys are playing.. then it is for the yelling and the cussing ;)

I won't pre-watch the commercials, I ONLY want to see them during the Super Bowl and then I'll watch the ones I like. I am a freak about it :)

Stacie said...

I have to admit the food and commercials. Although this year I am rooting for the Saints!

Tamara B. said...

What a game I was so happy that the Saints won! I loved the Doritos commercial with the little boy, the mother's boyfriend came over and took a chip and the little man told the boyfriend who was boss LOL