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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peek a boo clips review

We all like to have a little privacy while breast feeding but some of us cant afford the special cover ups and neat inventions out there. Well thats where Peek A Boo Clips come in. They are a simple adjustable strap with clips on both ends kind of like a pants suspender lol. It make a ordinary blanket into a perfect cover up for privacy while breast feeding or just nap time while your out.

We got one Peek A Boo Clips for my niece for when baby Conner comes. She loves it it is small so you can easily put it into the diaper bag and have it when you need it. I holds on good so no slipping off and revealing yourself. These are so handy and so great. I think everyone should have one breast feeding or not. We go out side alot over the summer and these are perfect while baby is being held or in stomach carrier or even in stroller to make perfect shade for baby. I really suggest check these out. They make awesome baby shower gifts!


Katrina said...

I seriously like this better than a nursing cover. That way it is small and I can just use a blanket that I am carrying around anyways. Cute product!