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Saturday, March 13, 2010


So some of you know I went in for surgery yesterday. I had a laparoscopy and tubal. Nothing magor but it could of been especially with all my allergies and disorders but all went well. They found endometreosis on my uterus so they burned it off and burned my tubes. I have 3 small insicions on my stomach and am a little sore. I cant lift anything over 20 lbs for a month which is hard with 6 kids. My husband has been awesome with helping me and so have the kids other than my almost 2 year old but she just doesnt understand mom cant do everything right now and that I cant hold her its sad but what can you do? So thats my update I am up and around and trying to get things doen slowly but surely winners might not be picked til monday so just a heads up baby shower giveaway will still be posted daily as I got up to sunday already to be posted before surgery. Thanks!


bayctygrl said...

Glad your surgery went smoothly! I pray for a speedy recovery!

Jaime said...

Glad you are doing well. I had that surgery done in August. I was so sore and NOT happy! Are you taking the pain meds? I couldn't take any since I was home alone all day with my 16 month old and 2 month old. I hope you are feeling better soon!

ErinJeany said...

Aww I am glad it worked out okay! I hope you recover soon! It's so good your husband is taking care of you! Enjoy the rest while you can! :) (((hugs)))