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Friday, April 30, 2010

FashionPlaytes.com review

Seasons are changing. Well except here in Utah where it still feels like winter, but mostly around the world the seasons have changed. Which mean time to get spring and summer clothing for our kids. Then just think a few more months and it will be time for school cloths shopping. Well why not let your girls design their own clothes online and and have it shipped to your door. Just think a fun activity for you and your daughters to do together and you get cloths shopping done. Impossible you think. Well it not with Fashion Playtes.

Fashion Playtes allows you to pick the type of clothing you want like shirts, skirts, dress, leggings, headbands, jackets, vest and etc. then design them from scratch. You get to first pick the color you want it, then you can add ruffles, jewels, embellishment, roses, pictures, lace and more. You clothing will be completely designed by you and it will be a one of a kind. Now what girl do you know can say that?

Me and my girls sat down and looked at all the choices and immediately my girls were in love. Even my 3 year old was designing herself a pirate dress as she called it. My oldest who is 11 got to pick out shirt and of course she immediately turned it pink. Then she went through try things out and if she didn't like it she could easily remove it and try something different. I think in a hours time she designed like 4 outfits. We finally settle with the pink shirt. She put a cute colorful sun on the middle of the chest part of the shirt and added jewels around middle. It turned out really cute online. I was curious though on how it would look when it actually got here.

In what seemed like no time at at Fashion Playtes had our shirt at our door and ready to be worn. It was wrapped in a gorgeous tissue paper that my daughter saved and adored. The shirt was thicker than I thought. It was a great made shirt not one of those cheap flimsy shirts. It fits my daughter great and looks great on her. She loves it and told all her friends about the site. Next thing we know her whole school will be wearing one of a kind outfits.

Fashion Playtes would make a great present or a great party activity. You can get gift certificates and just have fun. I definitely recommend it to everyone. It is so easy and so fun. all my girls from 3 to 11 had a blast using the site to design clothes. So I would recommend it for all ages!