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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Blogging

Its been a long week for me and my family. A really tough one. It is thursday and I am praying the weekend comes fast and that the weather stays nice so I can take the kids to the park and get out of this house for a while.It is much needed time out.

First off Someone got a hold of our bank card and took out over $400  in 5 transactions. That money was for rent and gas. We did eventually get the bank to refund the money well most of it not all of it. The thing that bugs me though is this person got away with $400 dollars and is going most likely get away with it and do it to others. We scrape by paycheck to pay check with not even a single dollar to spare.All of our pills are past due by almost 2 months. We barely make ends meet and someone can be job free and steal other peoples money that is not right!!

Then to top it off the weather is so unpredictable here in Utah right now one day it is in high 60 and low 70s and next day 30s with snow and hail. Its suppose to be Spring. We even had our flowers bloom to have the snow turn around and kill them.I am so ready for the 80s and 90s!!

The kids are back at school after a very long spring break but boy are they whiny this week. Oh my it is crazy between my son who is 9, my duaghters that are 7, 5, and 3. It has been a house of whine here without the cheese. My youngest has been awnry and thinks everything is hers. I hate terrible twos! So mommy needs a time out or a night out. Actually me and my hubby with work, and other jobs and kids have really falling apart and we need something to get us together again. We need a date night!! Only thing is we need a babysitter. Darn oh and money oh well so much for that idea. I think Early bedtime for kids , a Redbox movie and dinner alone will have to do.


Gina said...

((HUGS)) We're having one of those months too :( Thankfully you can get the money back and you caught it before it was too late...

And what's with the kids?!?! Mine are THE SAME WAY this week too ugh..

lfhpueblo said...

Yep, a couple of years back someone stole our bank into stuff too. We think it was an employee at a discount store. We even went in and talked to their loss prevention personnel about the matter. We even showed them our receipt, so they could get the employee number off of it, so they could start watching her secretly to see if she was trying to get ID info off the debit card scanning machine at her check out.
We've never seen her at this store anymore after this happened, so I think she was probably the one that did it.
She the thing is our bank card was never out of our possession and neither were the receipts.
Found out that somehow the debit/credit scanners at stores have that info in them for awhile after you scan and if someone knows what they are doing they can retrieve it. It would have to be an employee though, because the scanner would be turned off when the employee was no longer at the register and also it would look too suspicious if a customer was messing with a scanner when no one was at the register.
The bank did give us back all our money. Actually the bank was the one calling us asking us if we made a debit at store purchase in another state the next day, and we said no we've not been out of our state in over five years.
The thing is this person was not too smart because they did the transaction of using it within the same chain store that they were probably working. They probably called or emailed an accomplish with our bank card info and a fake debit card was made and used or they just punched the numbers in from their end if they (the accomplish) were working at the same chain store in another state, states away.
Anyways we called our bank a couple weeks after the money was put back into our account (that's the thing I hate the waiting for the money to be put back in) and they said they took care of the people who did the fraud.
We had to get our debit/credit card changed though, just to be safe.
I like how our bank calls us on suspicious purchases and to verify if we did indeed purchase something. It sure helps.

sunnymum said...

Just read this in my feed and had to stop by to give you hugs. I know the feeling! We've been trying a babysitting swap with friends of ours. In theory it should work, but we haven't mastered it yet. Good luck!