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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Blogging

me and my cousin Kim
It surprises me how far technology has come these days. Some ways in a good way and some ways in a bad way. Lately though for me it has been handy. I grew up with my mom and my siblings on my moms side. I really didnt have much of a relationship with my dad for good reasons, but I had sister and brothers on his side too that I have met less then a handful of times in my lifetime. Sucks but thats the way it was. I dont know a whole lot of history with my dad's side. I been wanted to know more medical history for my kids sakes and I would love to know more ancestary on my dad's side too. My Grandma Hooley was the glue that held us kind of together and always knew where everyone was. She passed away about 6 years ago. So my oldest two kids got to see her once in their life which is sad she was a great lady. I know its hard for me to say that because honestly I moved around so much as a child I only got to see her and hang out with her from time to time but really thats all you needed. I miss her chocolate zucchuni cake and her 3 bean salad and her peanut brittle was the best.

Me and my dad and my brother Seth
Now this all comes up lately because last week as I was picking my hubby up from work I past by the house my grandpa built with he two hands and I seen they had tore it down and now construction company is using the barn and garages for their own personal use. It was sad. I then decided it was my mission to get in touch with the Hooley's somehow for my sake and my kids sake so they cansee where they come from too. I dont remember a whole lot of them as we werent all that close. My dad passed away gosh like 14ish years ago  and now both my grandpa and grandma were gone. So only other I knew was my sibling from my dad names and a few uncles and cousins. This is where technology is a good thing. Facebook officially came in handy. I found  4 cousins, 2 uncles, and my sister and brother on Facebook.

Me and my sister Marcy and not sure who the other two are
Gosh it is crazy what you can find on facebook haha. I got people from junior high and high school finding me and even my moms  friends finding me lol. But there are times people that I dont want to find me find me and thank goodness for the block button haha. So anyways I sat and talked to one of my cousins for a hour last night and just catching up. I feel good today and complete. I feel like a kid again meeting new friends and learning anything and everything I can. I just hope it all turns out well and it doesnt all back fire. To me Family is Family and they are important no matter what the deal is. We got the same blood and need to stick together and help each other and be there for each other! Life is short!