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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boba Organic carrier review

This Spring and Summer we have planned to do more hiking, family outings, camping and etc. Now the only thing that sucks about that is my 2 year old doesn't always stay in the stroller and some places you cant get the stroller through. She is still not able to handle the long walks on her own. Plus she has been my little leech lately and expects me to carry her alot. This leaves me useless to do other things and can get painful with my back and arms and all. Now I knew there were carriers but I always thought they never comes in sizes to fit my 2 year old or the ones that do are those big metal framed heavy looking ones. So when I heard Boba Organics had a carrier that fit my baby and was a light organic carrier I was like I have to try that.

So when I got the Boba Carrier I could believe how light is was. I was a entirely 100% organic cotton carrier. I folded up small to go where ever I may need it. It hold from 15lbs to 45lbs. So I could hold any of my 3 youngest in it. It was easy to put on and off which was a big concern for me with carriers since the one I had with my oldest I never used because it was so hard to get on and off and especially get a baby into it. This one is not like that at all.
Boba carrier is comfortable. I love the extra padding on the shoulders and back to give extra comfort. I like that it wraps around you and sit in a great position to keep your spine aligned and feeling great. When I put my daughter in it didn't weigh me down or pull me back or forwards. I felt she was easily supported and I knew she was in good and wasn't gonna fall out or anything. I love the foot rest to keep her feet up and out of the way and comfortable. The high back for her was great so if she got tired or anything she could easily be comfortable enough to sleep in it. She loved it and I loved it! I cant wait to use it camping and hiking. I know it will come in handy even for my other two girls when they get tired I know daddy can strap this carrier on and put them in and they can relax for a bit and I know it wont put any more stress on my hubby or me.

So if you are looking for a way to still get things done or go places you cant with a stroller and need a great comfortable place for you child to sit and relax Boba Organics carrier is what you need. It can be worn as a backpack or a front pack which is another great feature. Even if you just need something at home for a kid that wants to be held alot and you need to get the dishes or laundry done strap this on put baby in and be hands free to get your work done. So head over and check out Boba Organics. You will be glad you did and so will your baby!


Mama Ash said...

I don't know Boba but it looks similar to my Beco carrier.
I wonder how they differ?
It's great when you find a carrier that works for you :) Happy Hiking!