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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eden Home review

If you into the organic stuff or just love cute and great stuff well Eden Home has it all. I got the great opportunity to try out some of their stuff and when I went to the store I had in my mind this place is going to be expensive with a name like that and much to my surprise it was just the opposite. I got 8 things plus shipping for under $50. Now that for me is awesome. We live on a very tight budget in this family so every way I can get great stuff cheap I am happy.

The first thing I got was two cleaning supplies. I got the Natural Naked sponges a 2 pack and I got Natural Laundry Detergent-Stain Solution. Now with kids these come in so handy. My kids stain their cloths up so fast and I have tried everything out there to get them out. Well Eden Home's stuff really worked. It got 99% of the stains out compared to 10% with the other things I tried. I love that it is all natural and wont harm my kids skin and it is a great thing to add to my laundry room. The sponges are great because well I go through alot of sponges and some smell as soon as I open them and some fall apart easily these didn't smell and they have lasted a few weeks and still going strong. I love them!
The next two things I got were Organic Floral Girls Cami's by Under the Nile. I got a blue one for my 5 year old and a pink one for my almost 4 year old. I think these Cami's are adorable. They fit perfectly and will be great for this summer. I love that they are organic and natural. They will be a hit with some jeans, or cute little shorts or even a skirt. They are made tough and had made it through a few washes and still look brand new. They haven't stretched out or miss shaped. They look cute as ever! There are so many more Organic Baby Clothes I am thinking of getting for up coming summer outfits.
The next thing I got for my 7 year old. It is the Personalized Organic Garden in a Bag. This is such a great idea. It is a bag that contains seeds, soil and you grow it all in the bag. It has a cute flower on the outside to color and then a stick to hold your flower up when it gets tall. I thing this is a great gift for kids preschool age and up. I mean really what kid doesn't like to grow their own garden? They get so proud to see what they started with and see what it has become. Such a great thing!

The last thing I got well really is three things in one.I got the Dumping Mud Organic Kids Toys Gift Set. I got this for my 2 year old and 3 year old. It comes with my 2 year olds favorite gummy bears. We got the Blueberry Acai berry gummies and they are all natural and packed with antioxidants. They are made with all natural sweeteners. They taste so good even I loved them. Plus there was quite a few in the bag it last a couple days at my house and that is good. I mean I know if I let the kids they would of had them gone in matter of minutes but still ha ha.

It also comes with Max's Mud which my 3 year old is convinced is max & ruby's max lol. best thing with this is Not only is Max’s Mud is certified organic but it is also gluten-free, vegan, non-toxic, soy-free and corn-free, fragrance free but it is completely compostable and packaged in a reusable container. That is awesome! I hate the smells of some of the other playdohs so I was glad this was scent free. My kids loved playing with this and I felt safe knowing it had nothing harmful in it.

The last thing in the gift pack was the awesome Sprig Toys Dump Truck which is a BPA free plastic toy made from recycled milk cartons. That is cool. They love playing in the sand box with it and it really is a good size. So they can pick up plenty of sand and open the back and dump. I love that the back opens up and easily too. I love that it is plastic and covered with non toxic paints. It is a tough truck too. This is one of the kids favorites from Eden Home.

I know I got awesome deals and great products but they have more and more great deals. They have everything from home products, bathroom stuff, decorations, Organic baby clothes, Organic baby toys, Kids clothes, Great organic gift sets for baby,kids or adults. Gosh right with Fathers day right around the corner you can get Dad some great stuff at Eden Home so head over and check them out!

Eden Home is also having a GIVEAWAY FOR A $2,000 ORGANIC BABY SHOWER!!! Just go to their website and create a registry between April 1-June 30