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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get a Free Baby Diner & my review

So with 6 kids my house it always a mess. Dinner time is the worst. Really cant they eat over their plates or at least over the table?? Nope of course not! Crumbs and food everywhere. Then to top it off my 2 year old likes to dump her plate and give it to me saying she is done. Thanks kiddo. Over the years with all my kids throwing plates or bowls, dumping plates, or even plates magically slipping onto the floor all by themselves I have tried many plates and bowls to prevent that from happening. So far no luck! That's when Baby Diner came to my rescue.

Baby Diner is a gadget that turns any plate or bowl into a suction cup no slip plate. It has 2 suction cups on the bottom and 1 on the top. It is very easy to use. All you do is take the plate or bowl you want to use and press against the top suction cup and make sure it sticks then take it and stick it to the table or highchair and done. It is now stuck and wont move. This is a great idea because it saves money because you don't have to go out and buy like 5 of them you just need one or two and all the baby plates you already have work with it so for me that saves alot because I have alot of kids plates but none are slip proof but one so now I can make them all slip proof.

I used the Baby Diner with my 2 year old and she watched me put the whole thing together and put her food on it. She was getting her wheels a turning to figure out just what I was doing to her plate lol. So when she got in to eat she checked it out, then went to eating and then back to figuring this thing out. She was done eating and now it was time to give mom the plate oh wait it stuck. Lol she was like what the heck??!!! She looks at me and the other kids are laughing at her so now she thinks it is a game. Oh great! I must say the Bay Diner put up a great fight for about 15 minutes and then tadah here mommy!! She got it off.

Overall I am very impressed with the Baby Diner. It gave me time to get to her before the food hit the ground and made a huge mess. It definitely worked better than any of the other ones I used before. I definitely recommend it to anyone with little kids especially if plates become toys during feeding time.

Right now you can get a Free Baby Diner all you pay is Shipping. So head over and get your now before they are all gone!