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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ecover Review

With 6 kids I clean alot. There are always crumbs and sticky spots on the floor. The counters are always a mess. The tables are sticky or slimy. The bathroom are gross. Then don't get me started with laundry my most hated chore of all. To top it off I have very weak lungs to most cleaning detergents and supplies. Its hard to find some that don't kill my lungs and that actually get my house clean. So when I stumbled across Ecover and seen no harsh chemicals, all natural and safe for the environment I was intrigued in how their products worked.

I got the Ecover All Purpose Cleaner in Lemon Fragrance. I am frugal so I like multipurpose cleaner so I don't have to buy 10 different cleaner to clean my house. If I can get away with only having 1 or 2 cleaners then that saves money, time and space. The Lemon fragrance was fresh and not very strong which I loved. It left your house smelling like lemon drops and clean. It is concentrated so you don't need a whole lot so this bottle will last quite a while.

I loved that it was made from plant based ingredients. I liked that the bottle was 100% recyclable. I liked that it was safe for septic tanks. I put some with water in a spray bottle and cleaned my counters, stove, sink, fridge and floors. It left everything clean, shiny and fresh smelling. Next to tackle the bathroom. It did great for the mirrors and the sink and the counters and floors. I did still have to use my soft scrub for the bathtub since my water is hard and my kids are filthy so my tub is gross.

Overall I loved Ecover All Purpose cleaner. I would definitely continue to use it and buy it again. It is a great value for the price and the scent is wonderful. so head over and check out all their products. Also check them out on Twitter and Their Blog .