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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Food Allergy Mama's Baking Book review

Some of you know I have a 2 year old that is allergic to all Dairy (Casein, Whey, Milk) and Oats (rolled oats, Oat flour). We found this out in December and our lives have changed since. It is now a longer trip at the store for grocery shopping since we have to read every single thing we buy to make sure there are none of these in the items we buy. This includes foods, soaps, lotion and etc. This really limits what she can eat. There are very few cereals, soups, frozen foods,  pastas, and etc that don't have some type of Dairy or Oat in it. She is on Soy milk and products but we are trying to find more stuff for her. It's hard. I have to make things myself or change the recipes from milk to water or whatever so that she can eat it. So when I heard about Food Allergy Mama's baking cookbook I had to have it. I thought to myself wow how could she have a whole cookbook that is Dairy, Egg, and Nut free? But she does and she talks alot about recipes and her life with her son with allergies on her blog which I love.

When I received the book I couldn't wait to look through it and find some recipes to make for my daughter and well for the whole family. There are some recipes I cant use because they contain oats but that's OK because there are alot that don't. Food Allergy Mama's Baking book makes me even lick my lips looking at the yummy pictures and reading the recipes. I know your thinking they must taste bland with out dairy, egg and nuts but really you would never notice. There are dairy free butters, and dairy free chocolates and not all of them are soy. My husbands work makes delicious all natural chocolates that are 100% pure chocolate with no milk or dairy just 100% cocoa. It is delicious!

I was very impressed with the recipes and the desserts that I can make for my daughter and my family without worrying about her getting sick from them. I mean really she is 2 how could you deny a child dessert at that age? Now I can make muffins, Cakes, breads, waffles, cookies including her favorite chocolate chip cookies all without Dairy and oats. I love that feeling.

We made the Berry Muffins and they were delicious. My husband didn't even know they were dairy free. They tasted just like a normal muffin. We also made of course the chocolate chips cookies and they were another favorite. So soft chewy and sweet and yummy. My daughter loved it and with her chocolate covered smile I knew she was in heaven with that delicious cookie. The best part these recipes and ingredients for them are fairly cheap and reasonable and pretty easy to find if you know where to look. I am extremely pleased with the book. I hope to see a sequel to the book with main dishes and sides. If Kelly Rudnicki (the Author) makes one Ill be one of the first to buy it. Best part of Food Allergy Mama's Baking book is it is only $19.95. If you ever bought a cook book you know they can get expensive so seeing that this was only less then $20 I was shocked. I was sold!!

So if you have someone in your house that has food allergies or you just want to eat healthier and more natural then you must head over and check this book out you will absolutely love it. I did! I cant wait to try more recipes!