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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hammond educational Children books review

With school out and the kids bored already I liked to find things the kids can do that are educational and fun. I love educational books! Especially books with awesome pictures that the kids love looking at. I don't find alot that my older kids read that have colorful and neat pictures so when I received some great Children's Educational Books I figured they would be more for my younger kids until I opened them and began reading them and realized my older ones would be right at home with these books as well.
The first book we received is Let's Explore a pirate ship . Now first thing I thought of when I seen this one was my 3 year old who turns 4 this month. She is in love with pirate things. She wants to be a pirate when she grows up lol. It looked like a big pop up book. It had windows to open, door to open, and beautiful pictures. I made games out of the pictures for them like picture searches. They loved that! My daughter loves the book. She cant read it yet so my oldest reads it to her. It has like glossary type thing in it. It explains the different parts of the ship and what they are for and why. It explain the people on the ship and their jobs. It tells them when and how and why the ships were used as well. It really is interesting and fun and very educational.
The next book we received was Let's explore a Castle . This one my my son took. It is like the one above but all about castles. You can open doors and windows. You can even lower the draw bridge. You learn about the jobs of people in the castles. You learn what each room was for and other great and interesting facts. It was a fun way to learn great facts you might not of knew. I learned alot. It is fun and easy for the kids because they get to interact with the book to learn. You open the doors and see battles going on behind them. You can see balls going on. The detail in these books are fantastic.
The last book we got was The Secret life of Princesses . In The Secret Life of Princesses you’ll find out incredible secrets from some of your favorite Princesses, such as Cinderella, Thumbelina, and Snow White, and many more. My 7 year old loved  this one. The pictures were absolutely breathtaking beautiful. There are little envelopes and flaps and hidden spots on the pages were you open and find little secret notes about the princesses. Some are secret spells and others are just little untold secrets. They are cute and fun for the girls to read. They love hearing the little secrets. This is a definite must have for all the princess lovers out there.
So if you want some great Children's Educational Books you must head over and check out these wonderful books and all the other great books they have. There is bound to be one your kids will love and so will you!