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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New episodes of High Drama 2

You probably remember me writing about  my new favorite online show “High Drama 2” series that started on the WB last week. Well, you can now see episodes 6-10 online. Which includes the final production of their big show! Trust me it is fantastic. You definitely need to watch all 10 episodes they are something I could actually watch on TV weekly even daily. I love it!

The kids in the show have been up and down the roller coaster of preparing for the show of their life and I felt for all of them. You got to see their personal side and get to know them like they were old friends. That alone is what makes this show special. The one character I most relate to is Tony. He has a learning disorder which makes it hard for him to concentrate and hard to learn things. He is a visual learner so learning his lines are extremely difficult for him all because of a simple disorder but he tries his best and does 200% because that's what it takes to overcome it and do what he loves to do. I was the same way and will always be the same way but not with a learning disability but with medical conditions like seizures, migraines, kidney issues and the list goes on and on. The lady doing tests on me one day looked at my chart and looked at me and said she thought the chart belong to a 80 year old. I said thanks lol. I have always wanted to be a nurse since elementary school and I took every class in school I could to help me. I always got good grades and did all my work. If I miss a week or two of school because of my illnesses I always got caught back up. When I signed up for colleges the counselors would say really you want to be a nurse with your medical issues. I would say of course that why I want too. They were like maybe you should do a clerical position in the health care area I mean what if you have a seizure while working on a patient. I thought about it and I struggled a bit but really I know I can do it. I just have to try harder and push further and be more cautious. So just like Tony on High Drama 2 we both can continue to do what we love it just means we have to work harder.

You should definitely check out this 10 episodes of High Drama 2 .  I know you fall in love with these kids like I did. "High Drama 2" is an original web series, view it now on TheWB.com.

"I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord to raise awareness for 'High Drama 2.'"