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Friday, July 30, 2010

Costume Discounters review

Yes I know you think its early to think about Halloween Costumes but its really not. Halloween is right around the corner and to get the best costumes you need to start sopping ASAP. With 6 kids I have to find the right costumes they want at the right prices I can afford. Costume Discounters had the perfect costumes my 4 year old wanted and it was a great price. Which means I can get her what she want and make her happy but keep me happy as well. This is usually not easy to do lol.

Costume Discounters had tons Girls Halloween Costumes my daughter liked and that I liked as well. The best part was they were all cheap enough I didn't cringe when she would say mommy I like this one ha ha. The had a huge selection of both Girls and boy and adult costumes so I am sure you will find something you will like and they will like. This is very important to you as a parent and your kid as well. Whats better than dressing up as your favorite character on Halloween? Well other than all the candy ha ha!
After about a hour of looking through the girl costumes my daughter fell in love with the Snowflake Princess Costume Which she calls the Sow Princess and she says she can make it snow on Halloween because she is gonna be the Snow Princess haha. I said I hope not lol! We order it and with in a week we had our costume. She was so excited! It was perfectly size and fit her well. It is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely not those cheap flimsy costumes I get sometimes at the stores. This one will last and I definitely see my 2 year old wearing it in a couple years. Well that is if my 4 year old ever gives it up haha! I love the velvety fur around her neck and how silky the dress is. Definitely a gorgeous princess gown for any formal ball. The best part it even came with a mini crown to clip into her hair. I know my daughter will love this Halloween and her friends at school will love her costume! So if you need a great costume at a great price check out Costume Discounters. You will be glad you did!

A special thanks to Family Review Network for giving me the opportunity to review such a great costume from a awesome website! "This post was written for Family Review Network & Costume Discounters who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest reviwew"