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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CSN Stores review

I have told you alot about CSN Stores in the last few months I know but honestly they are one of my favorite stores. I have gotten snow cone maker, rugs, blankets, knifes set, kids toys and so much more. There is too many things I could spend all our money on and they are so greatly priced I could get alot for cheap.
This last purchase I bought a Bissell Quick Steamer carpet cleaner from CSN Stores. With 6 kids and a sloppy hubby I been needing a steam cleaner for a while. It arrived within a couple days of ordering which was awesome. I used it the very next day. That's how excited I was about having clean carpets ha ha. It was very easy to put together only like 2 or 3 screws and done. It was so light and compact unlike my sisters old tank of a cleaner. I loved it.

I love that it only take a couple tablespoons of cleaner to a whole thing of hot water. That means my little bottle that came with it of cleaner has lasted me 6 tanks already and I still have a little left to fill another tank. It was easy to use just squeeze the handle and push and pull like you were vacuuming your floor. Simple as
can be even my kids wanted to help and could pretty much do it on their own.
Now I knew before cleaning my carpets all the stained weren't gonna come out especially the red koolaide stains. So I went into it not expecting too much mainly just surface dirt to come off and dust which I was fine with at least it was cleaner right. Well Bissell's Quick steam show me up and not to cut it short. I would say out of the 50 something stain on my living room floor 45 of them came out. Pretty much the only ones that didn't come out was the koolaide stains. I was very surprised to see some of the bad black nasty stains come out especially by the kitchen and the doorway of the front door. For being a cheaper model and not fancy smancy like some of the other this little thing compares to some of the other great ones especially at more than half the price.

If you are in the market for a carpet cleaner and don't have 2 to 300 or more dollars to spend on one then definitely check out the Bissell Quick steam cleaner at CSN Stores plus all of the other great things you can get at great prices . You will be glad you did!


Anonymous said...

thanks I been looking for one guess Ill have to go check them out