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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday blogging

So today at 10 am I had to go get a allergy test I must say it wasn't fun! I got 32 shots in my forearms and had to hold them and not itch them for 20 minutes. It was a very tough 20 minutes lol. Bad thing is they didn't find out a whole lots I was slightly allergic to Dust mites, oak, dogs, mulberry and some other thing but not severely allergic. OK so that mean I cant be given immune therapy shot to help with all my sinus infections but its enough to where I have to wash all curtains, sheets, blankets, pillow every week. and spray beds and couch's and chairs with Lysol every few days. Plus stay away from dogs and etc. OK I see then he tells me to come back next week to go over some drugs that might help the whole trial and error thing. If that doesn't work then we might still try the immunatherapy shots. Oh boy and did I mention I have the crappiest of crappiest insurances so these visits and medicines are putting me in the hole I swear its expensive to live a long healthy happy life at this rate I am gonna give up and live a short happy  life with money lol.

So have you guys experienced allergies? Did any of you have the test done? Do you take any medicine that help? How about herbal stuff I am a huge fan of Herbal remedies. I mean I swear by them do any of you know of any herbal things that help for the sinus headaches, congestion, watery eyes whole shebang? They are also thinking I should see a Pulmonariologist (lung doctor) to check to see if I have asthma because my lungs are so weak to different things. My dad had Asthma and my son has Asthma. so it runs in the family but hmm not sure what I should do the co payes alone kill me. So what are your experiences and suggestions?


jcamp2020 said...

Oh, my...even looking at your arms make my nerves go on edge. Take care of yourself today.

jcamp2020 at aol dot com