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Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation Isle Beach Party for the Wii review

My kids and I adore the Wii. It gets you up and moving instead of lounging on the couch. So when we find games that enhance that we love it. We got Vacation Isle Beach Party we were so excited to try it out. The best part for us is we could use the Wii balance board or the controller & nunchuck.

Vacation Isle Beach Party is a fun active game that you can enjoy eight unique vacation-style games: Slalom Skiing, Hula Dancing, Wake Boarding, Surfing, Stand Up Paddling, Ski Distance Jumping, Fire Dancing, and Water Stunt Park. I think my favorite is the Hula dancing and the water stunt park. The kids love water stunt park, wake boarding and surfing. It is fun to try to do stunts and jump over things and dodge things. It gives you a heck of a work out I can tell you that much but at least its a fun workout. You can play up to 4 people and you can challenge them with beat your score or play together which is really fun. You can even design and create your own unique character. The kids love that too ha ha. The best part is its price less the $20 on Amazon. I mean really that is great!

So overall this has become one of are favorite games and is played daily. It is well worth its price and lots of fun. It will get you and your family up and moving and having a good ole time! So head over and check out Vacation Isle Beach Party now!!