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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wallables review

My youngest has really nothing on her walls in her room. The older ones have pictures and posters but my youngest just rips down the posters so when I heard about Wallables I knew this is something my daughter would love.
Wallables are 3D wall hangings that come in many different styles from Letters for names or fun characters like monkeys, Princesses, Buzz Light year and more. They are foamy and soft and tough. Perfect for the younger kids rooms and even nurseries. They stick to the walls with Velcro and don't worry they stick great and dont fall off.
We got the Cinderella Wallables and my daughter was so excited when she seen it. She kept saying princess princess my room. So with in 10 minutes of receiving it we had it up on her wall so she could leave us alone ha ha. It was so easy to apply. Just clean the wall, apply the sticky Velcro piece and press the princess on the Velcro and done. I was shocked by the hold of the Velcro my daughter presses on it, pulls on it and it has yet to come off. I love the soft foamy texture and so does my daughter. She has to touch it every time she goes into her room. She is proud of her princess. She lights up every time she sees it. It has turned her room from a boring nothing on the walls room to a pretty princess room as her and my other girls call it now. For Christmas I am going to get her the Buzz Lightyear one and the Monkey one since she is in love with both of those as well. She is in love with her princess one so I know she will love these as well and anything that can bring a smile to my babies face and make her room special is well worth it. Plus they are awesomely priced so that's a bonus as well ha ha.
Overall we love our Wallables and would and will recommend them to everyone. So head over and check them out. I know your kids will love them and so will you!

Thanks to WBWord & Wallables for letting us test these out. We received a sample product and that is it for our post but all opinions are mine and my families and our completely honest. This is a SP